Lead, Follow, Or Get The Hell Out Of The Way

I guess the Monster is committing a crime for continuing to post Beck videos, and for not covering fast enough what has become a controversy equal to Obama’s lies about his association with ACORN.  I was trying to not get sucked into the middle of a situation that is going sideways while I am still doing the research on Beck’s attacks on Debra Medina and other groups.   Now, I’m going to spend the better part of a morning writing a piece about my position on Glenn Beck.  That financial cliff we are headed for, and Obamacare are really just figments of my imagination, and both take a back seat to Beck’s betrayal of the grassroots movement in Texas.  No apologies for the snark; my readers know that I don’t usually just throw stuff up on the wall to see if it sticks without any evidence to back it up.  So…let’s have a friendly chat about Glenn Beck, and the Monster’s positions on many things.

I put up a disclaimer on yesterday’s Beck posting that stated:

(Editor’s Note: I will continue to put up Glenn Beck programs for those of my readers who can no longer afford cable or do not have televisions – until you tell me to stop or Glenn does something more traitorous than what is currently happening in our government. Yes, everybody is still trying to figure out what Glenn is doing…)

I want to give kudos to all those Texans that have taken time out of their day to show their concern through emails.  It is actually amazing to me that patriotic Americans would think LM to be enough of a voice to actually comment on the latest goings-on with this controversy.  I respect your opinions and the candor, but I would like for those that have written me, and those that are thinking about blasting me to step away from your emotions for a second and consider a few American tenets:

  1. The 1st Amendment;
  2. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer;
  3. Media slant

It appears that those in Texas know exactly what Glenn is doing, and consider Glenn to be an elitist traitor with ties to Rick Perry who has gone completely off the deep end with his continued attacks on constitutional, gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina.  They are, more than likely, correct because they live inside that political ecosystem.  I do not, and many of my readers are not natives of Texas.  That being said, I must go back to the list above and ask my readers if not posting Glenn’s videos would accomplish any of the three listed items?  Should the Monster bow to public pressure, not report and keep on eye on Glenn, deny my free speech because Beck still is bringing forth truths that we know about but the majority of America does not, deny the free speech that comes with readers’ comments and the sharing of information like the Medina attacks, and have a slanted view of who to inform the readers about?

That is not what the Monster has been about.  Logistics Monster is about information. LM has been about doing the research, uncovering the truth, and letting as many people know as take the time to read this blog.  I started posting Beck videos because he was covering topics that many, many, many, small bloggers had already researched and written about.  When Beck disavowed the birthers, I fielded many questions in emails about why he would do something like that.  When he went after Medina, I heard the same questions.   I believe my only mistake was not to respond on the front page of this blog with an opinion immediately.  I just did not think it compared to what Obama, Geithner, Bernanke, Pelosi, Reid, and the RINOs are pushing our way.  It’s Glenn Beck, for cripes sake!  My readers are very savvy, and they know who the players really are.  They know Beck is going sideways, but they aren’t going to shoot the messenger and/or request half the story.  Will I be writing that piece about Beck, Medina, etc?  It’s already in the works and because the controversy keeps morphing, it keeps getting pushed to the back burner.  If one of my Texas readers would like to write a piece about the inter-workings of the Beck/Perry/Patrick/Gray/Clear Channel web, please feel free to send me your email on the contact page.  We would all like to know ALL the details.

As for “lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way”, here is the message.  I spent years getting the hell out of the way, and then following liars; that time is over…

  • There is a massive silver lining to every problem we are facing, including the Beck/Medina controversy.
  • You Texans are Texans!  You can handle the Beck/Medina/Perry misinformation campaign, I’m convinced of it.   LEAD!  Spend your time on the ground getting Debra Medina elected, and stop worrying about Beck.  Remember that saying, “give him enough rope…”, the problem will take care of itself.
  • Beck is going sideways for whatever reason, but I will continue to post his show.  When he “lies”, my readers need to see it to keep him accountable, AND I will let you know what those lies are.
  • I refuse to become Erick Erickson of RedState and try to “shame” you into a position by banning an opinion.  I post Obama’s lies, why not Beck’s? You are an American and you get to choose what you believe or whether or not to click on a post.  Since when did it become my job to tell you what to do, what to think, or what to believe?  I have enough on my plate already.  Everybody needs to become a proactive, independent thinker!!  Stop being a sheeple.
  • The Monster is a proud Birther because nobody spends as much money as Obama to keep their records sealed without a whopper of a story behind it.  I would like to know what is in his college records, and because we have entrusted the security of our families to a president, we should be able to ask and be answered with something other than “dismissed”.
  • I am also a patriotic American that wants to know the TRUTH behind 9.11.  I think that people lump truthers together in one bunch of un-American anarchists.  I want to let you know that I am neither, but I have many, many questions about what actually happened, as do many of my average American readers all across the country.  Since when did not trusting a corrupt government become an anti-American trait?
  • Would you like the Monster to sit down, shut up, and fall in line OR do you want all the pieces of the puzzle?

Okay, rant over.  Hele Mai!!

By Logistics Monster


  • Diamond, you know where I am on this issue, but I also think it is vital that any and all information is out there ,thank you for not taking sides but trying to find the truth,puzzle pieces or facts where ever they may be.

    Right now I am on a Beck break, trying to reevaluate what I thought was true, as well as not being pushed to believe what I am not sure about.

    There have been some disturbing information come to light about Beck and it is not possible for me to ignore. Maybe there is something yet to come to light that will explain all of this but until I see that I will be very cautious as to what I believe from this man.

    But as far as Texas goes I believe Medina is who they want and there should be nobody trying to persuade them otherwise.

  • Diamond, for my two cents worth, I want the Monster to continue with her common sense blog in the same vein that she has been in since I discovered her blog about a year and a half ago. Lately, due to health reasons I haven’t been commenting as much as I used t o- nor have I been able to read everything on the blog- but I try to keep up as best I can.

    Don’t ever let yourself be pressured to sit back, shut up, or fall in line. I think the majority of your readers want you just the way you are, truthful and relentless. If they are like me they want the answers and are thankful that there is someone like you that is determined to keep digging as long as there is information that we need to know.

    I will write more on this subject at a later time, but this has been a rough day. My little dog passed away in her sleep last night and she has been a big part of my life for over 16 years and I need some time to accept it.

    Hang in there and God Bless.

    • Lee – please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. After having been through it many times, I can honestly say, I understand. And this is a perfect example of what is and what isn’t important. I am totally convinced that Texans can handle the smear campaign to the positive side for Debra Medina.

      Take care of yourself, and I hope to hear from you again soon.

    • clemintine -

      i will keep you and yours in my prayers and thoughts….i know well the grief that is felt with the loss of a loving member of the family. God Bless you and yours……♦

  • Wow. Sorry to hear you’re getting it from both ends Diamond. I’m amazed that there are that many of your readers that are actually that comfortable with Beck, to be honest. I remember the crap you took when you started posting his show here because, well – it was Glenn Beck!

    Folks – take a chill pill and learn to listen with a critical ear. You can tell when he’s telling the truth and when he’s pulling a bunch of crap. Really, he’s not that good an actor. You give him waaayy too much credit!

  • Keep doing what you’re doing and let the devil take the hindmost. 😉

    IMO, the birther thing is a distraction and a wast of time. The real BC hasn’t been shown because it’d be an embarrassment, not because O was born elsewhere. Yes, way too many of his records are hidden but that’s probably because they, too, would be an embarrassment. Lots of Bush’s records were hidden, too. I don’t care because there are more important things to be concerned with.

    As for Medina, she gave a really stupid answer to a straightforward question. Don’t blame Beck for that. Once upon a time in 1979, Roger Mudd interviewed Ted Kennedy and sunk his presidential bid with a single, simple question: “Senator, why do you want to be president?” Kennedy completely blew it by fumbling and bumbling the answer. He was way ahead in the polls but that answer did him in. That’s the way it goes in politics. At the time, I was angry as hell at Mudd but the problem was with Kennedy. I bumped into him at a paint store and wanted to say something but he looked so much like my father, I was dumbstruck.

    As for truthers, gimme a break. We were attacked by a bunch of Arabs in a well orchestrated plot hatched by al Qaeda. The planes crashed, the towers fell. No need to equivocate when asked about that attack.

    Everyone is entitled to think what they like, read what they want, and listen to whoever holds their interest. Beck is a font of information and I value what I’ve learned from him. If you have a question about anything he says, do some research. No one is perfect. No need to shoot the messenger.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    DT, please keep on doing exactly what you have been doing. We all value the information and ideas that you so graciously give us. We appreciate all of your hard work and time involved. If anyone is complaining about your putting Beck’s videos on yuor blog then I can only say one thing. DON’T WATCH THEM!!

  • clemintine -

    diamond, keep doing what you are doing. i trust you will post the truth and nothing but the truth. by posting the full “story” on issues, you are respecting your readers to be adult enough to make their own informed decisions regarding issues.

    it seems to me that many on the right are starting to throw people “under the bus” for any opinion or statement that is not in perfect alignment with their own. i firmly believe each person has their own role or place in the movement to restore our nation to a republic we can be proud of. beck’s role is/was to educate and provide information to allow us to “question with boldness”. i take the info he provides and continue with my own research. i credit him with sparking my interest in topics i have not considered for years. i credit him with the fact that i have re-read and studied the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. i have also re-read thomas paine’s writings and am starting on the federalist and anti-federalist papers.

    no one is perfect….an i, for one, refuse to discard any one that has some value in the battle to restore our nation.

  • granny gripes -

    KEEP the Beck information posted, this is a “FREEDOM” and “liberty” site, which means, you have the option to click or ignore! The anti Beck folks should stop trying to “CONTROL” what we select for ourselves.

    GOV. PERRY, you bet we support him too. HE has the spine, he is informed. K Bailey has been so on the fence in the past about vital issues. Again, everyone has to decide for themselves.

    BECK, backs up his information with FACTS, documente FACTS.
    So, if we do not like what the careful folks like DT or BECK present with reams and reams and reams of references, then we are no different
    than the other side.

    THIS IS A FIGHT TO SAVE FREEDOM, LIBERTY, RIGHTS and to keep folks with a spine in power.

    WE see here how the PUBBIES bend way over to coddle another Arlan Spector, Olympia Snowe candidate just becaue he has big money
    connections to fill the GOP treasure chest. IT has nothing to do with what is right for the citizens, THE GOP is only interested in filling their piggy bank.

    WE need to be greatful for a Diamond Tiger, Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart, Erick Erickson, they are our venue to save this country.

    SO there, write a check to support venues like this and make a contribution instead of bashing those who are making the sacrifice to help us save this nation for our kids, grandchildren, etc.

  • granny gripes -

    MEDINA is a CANDIDATE, all we want to hear out of her mouth is

    AS a candidate she has zero power to “investigage’ get facts, and
    to put those responsible in jail. SO how is she different than a Keith Obermann who just makes it all up and hopes someone fills in the cracks.

    Frankly, personally, common sense about 9/11 prevails, if there was this big conspiracy by BUSH to blow up the Trade towers, he had to have a lot of help. A LOT of help and have moved very fast to develop the plan during his short time in office. And by now someone in the food chain would have written the book and named names to make the billions from an “INSIDE” story.
    Medina and her black helicopter friends have yet to point to one person
    who unlike Al Gore, made the zillion bucks from creating that disaster.

    When you have a million or more folks looking under every rock for over 8 years, one would imagine something other than the “speculation” would have risen from the ashes.

    • Sorry Letty, but Diamond points out Trillions of dollars here every day that have been made in profit as a result of the long term waves of the 9/11 attacks. While I don’t necessarily believe that George W. Bush ordered the attacks, it’s pretty telling when you follow the money trail from that fateful day. Just because people are open to it having been a conspiracy doesn’t mean they blame the shrub, but more to the point is this: what the hell does that question have to do with the office Medina is running for? Beck’s massive research has been about Progressives, Goldman Sachs, and the Obama administration – not about 9/11/01.

      I don’t know for certain what happened on 9/11, and I can pretty well guarantee that few here really do, either. That was Medina’s point. Has Beck ever asked the same question of Rick Perry?

      Beck serves a purpose, but we need to watch him like a hawk. It wasn’t all that long ago that he totally failed to point out any of the information he’s now sharing about Obama to anyone, or question anything boldly, meekly, or any other way…

      • GG – more importantly, it brought us the Patriot Act which I believe was the goal all along. Just look at how that POS came into existence.

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