I guess the Monster is committing a crime for continuing to post Beck videos, and for not covering fast enough what has become a controversy equal to Obama’s lies about his association with ACORN.  I was trying to not get sucked into the middle of a situation that is going sideways while I am still doing the research on Beck’s attacks on Debra Medina and other groups.   Now, I’m going to spend the better part of a morning writing a piece about my position on Glenn Beck.  That financial cliff we are headed for, and Obamacare are really just figments of my imagination, and both take a back seat to Beck’s betrayal of the grassroots movement in Texas.  No apologies for the snark; my readers know that I don’t usually just throw stuff up on the wall to see if it sticks without any evidence to back it up.  So…let’s have a friendly chat about Glenn Beck, and the Monster’s positions on many things.

I put up a disclaimer on yesterday’s Beck posting that stated:

(Editor’s Note: I will continue to put up Glenn Beck programs for those of my readers who can no longer afford cable or do not have televisions – until you tell me to stop or Glenn does something more traitorous than what is currently happening in our government. Yes, everybody is still trying to figure out what Glenn is doing…)

I want to give kudos to all those Texans that have taken time out of their day to show their concern through emails.  It is actually amazing to me that patriotic Americans would think LM to be enough of a voice to actually comment on the latest goings-on with this controversy.  I respect your opinions and the candor, but I would like for those that have written me, and those that are thinking about blasting me to step away from your emotions for a second and consider a few American tenets:

  1. The 1st Amendment;
  2. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer;
  3. Media slant

It appears that those in Texas know exactly what Glenn is doing, and consider Glenn to be an elitist traitor with ties to Rick Perry who has gone completely off the deep end with his continued attacks on constitutional, gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina.  They are, more than likely, correct because they live inside that political ecosystem.  I do not, and many of my readers are not natives of Texas.  That being said, I must go back to the list above and ask my readers if not posting Glenn’s videos would accomplish any of the three listed items?  Should the Monster bow to public pressure, not report and keep on eye on Glenn, deny my free speech because Beck still is bringing forth truths that we know about but the majority of America does not, deny the free speech that comes with readers’ comments and the sharing of information like the Medina attacks, and have a slanted view of who to inform the readers about?

That is not what the Monster has been about.  Logistics Monster is about information. LM has been about doing the research, uncovering the truth, and letting as many people know as take the time to read this blog.  I started posting Beck videos because he was covering topics that many, many, many, small bloggers had already researched and written about.  When Beck disavowed the birthers, I fielded many questions in emails about why he would do something like that.  When he went after Medina, I heard the same questions.   I believe my only mistake was not to respond on the front page of this blog with an opinion immediately.  I just did not think it compared to what Obama, Geithner, Bernanke, Pelosi, Reid, and the RINOs are pushing our way.  It’s Glenn Beck, for cripes sake!  My readers are very savvy, and they know who the players really are.  They know Beck is going sideways, but they aren’t going to shoot the messenger and/or request half the story.  Will I be writing that piece about Beck, Medina, etc?  It’s already in the works and because the controversy keeps morphing, it keeps getting pushed to the back burner.  If one of my Texas readers would like to write a piece about the inter-workings of the Beck/Perry/Patrick/Gray/Clear Channel web, please feel free to send me your email on the contact page.  We would all like to know ALL the details.

As for “lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way”, here is the message.  I spent years getting the hell out of the way, and then following liars; that time is over…

  • There is a massive silver lining to every problem we are facing, including the Beck/Medina controversy.
  • You Texans are Texans!  You can handle the Beck/Medina/Perry misinformation campaign, I’m convinced of it.   LEAD!  Spend your time on the ground getting Debra Medina elected, and stop worrying about Beck.  Remember that saying, “give him enough rope…”, the problem will take care of itself.
  • Beck is going sideways for whatever reason, but I will continue to post his show.  When he “lies”, my readers need to see it to keep him accountable, AND I will let you know what those lies are.
  • I refuse to become Erick Erickson of RedState and try to “shame” you into a position by banning an opinion.  I post Obama’s lies, why not Beck’s? You are an American and you get to choose what you believe or whether or not to click on a post.  Since when did it become my job to tell you what to do, what to think, or what to believe?  I have enough on my plate already.  Everybody needs to become a proactive, independent thinker!!  Stop being a sheeple.
  • The Monster is a proud Birther because nobody spends as much money as Obama to keep their records sealed without a whopper of a story behind it.  I would like to know what is in his college records, and because we have entrusted the security of our families to a president, we should be able to ask and be answered with something other than “dismissed”.
  • I am also a patriotic American that wants to know the TRUTH behind 9.11.  I think that people lump truthers together in one bunch of un-American anarchists.  I want to let you know that I am neither, but I have many, many questions about what actually happened, as do many of my average American readers all across the country.  Since when did not trusting a corrupt government become an anti-American trait?
  • Would you like the Monster to sit down, shut up, and fall in line OR do you want all the pieces of the puzzle?

Okay, rant over.  Hele Mai!!

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