Lt. Col. Allen West At CPAC, 2010 (Full Video)(Updated)

(Editor’s Note: This speech is from CPAC, 2010. The link for Rep. West’s speech from 2011 follows this vid.)


Ron Paul and Lt. Col. Allen West At CPAC, 2011 (FULL VIDEO)

By Logistics Monster


  • I like this guy! I’d vote for him were I a citizen of Florida! I loved his take-off on “Dreams of my Father”! That was priceless! His Father, and Mother, obviously taught him values that are more akin to the heart of America then anything coming out of Washington, DC these days. I wish him the best with Godspeed.

  • Irina Rubin -

    I like and admire this GUY!!

    I would vote for you Mr Lt.Col.Allen West were I citizen of Florida!

    Good luck to you!!! G-D Bless YOU!!!!!

  • I admire Mr Lt.Col. Allen West!

    I would vote for you were I citizen of Florida!

    Good luck to you! G-D BLESS YOU!!!!!

  • lisa cox -

    I’m 48 years young, and I was a bartender for 27 of those years, in 3 different places of employment. As the song goes “I’ve made a living out of reading peoples’faces”. I don’t like cowards and I don’t like bullies…. each for the same reason …they are one and the same.
    This man doesn’t mince his words, there’s no hesitation in his speaking that would indicate anything less than the courage of his convictions. I’ve watched most of his speeches, (several times), and paid attention to the way he holds his hands. He holds them the same way when he speaks to the media, and I’ll bet a homemade biscuit…he’s holding on to the U.S. Constitution.

  • norman helfgott -

    today 2/12/11 heard Col. West at the CPAC closing and am very impressed with his vigor and for a moment I thought I was hearing Ronald Reagan. Hope Col. West will stay and fight for this wonderful country as a Presidential candidate.

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