Image Unravelling? Go Look At Produce

When in doubt about how bad you are tanking with the American public, go shopping with the first lady and look at lettuce.

Bailout Anger Undermines Geithner

WASHINGTON— Timothy Geithner’s role in calming the financial crisis landed him the coveted job of Treasury secretary last year. That same résumé is now dogging him.

In his next test, Mr. Geithner will find out this week how lawmakers are treating one of his main goals—revamping the nation’s financial regulations—when Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd unveils his new bill. In Washington, where perception can take on the status of fact, the political woes facing Mr. Geithner are diminishing his authority.

To boost his image, Mr. Geithner is waging a charm offensive. On Friday, he toured a supermarket in Philadelphia with first lady Michelle Obama to showcase efforts to reduce childhood obesity, an unusual event for a Treasury secretary. He demonstrated how a Treasury program offering tax credits in low-income communities can bring in businesses selling more nutritious food.

I’m still thinking that maybe, just maybe, the Secretary of the Treasurer should have some banking experience. Remember this? (Like not being able to pay his taxes wasn’t bad enough.)

It hasn’t helped that many people incorrectly think Mr. Geithner used to work on Wall Street. Sen. John Kerry made the mistake at a hearing last year. And during an April 2009 hearing of a panel overseeing TARP, Damon Silvers, associate general counsel of the AFL-CIO, made reference to Mr. Geithner’s having “been in banking.”

Mr. Geithner cut him off: “Actually, I have never actually been in banking. I have only been in public service.”

That should have been anybody’s first clue that Geithner isn’t qualified for anything other than pushing papers around some lowly governmental desk, and NOT being in charge of the Treasury and IRS.

“Well, a long time ago. A long time.”

“Actually never.”

“Investment banking I meant.”

“Never investment banking. Spent my entire life in public service.”

“Well, all right,” Mr. Silvers conceded.

When asked about the exchange, Mr. Silvers says he simply made a mistake.

255 days to go…

By Logistics Monster


  • The more I learn about Mr. Geithner, the more I think he should be made to repeat any Economics courses he may have taken. He has no concept of either Macro Economics or Micro Economics. He also should be made to learn banking from the bottom up, beginning with emptying the trash cans in the lobby of some bank.

    He is a prime example of the type of person Teh Obama has chosen to fill almost every important post in the administration. I sometimes think this type of person is being chosen by Obama because he wants to insure that no one in his administration outranks him in brain cells. Also maybe if we are busy critizing his minions we can’t concentrrate on him.

  • At the rate things are happening, unemployment , the rise in food costs, this administration will be fighting childhood obesity head on. Parents will not be able to feed their children I wonder if that was the plan all along.

    I wonder what the price of arugula was on the day of the visit, or perhaps he is smarter than we think and he filled out an application for employee while he was there.

  • clemintine -

    i can understand that an increase in sedentary life styles of children, due to advances in electronics, leads to an increase in being overweight/obese. what i can’t understand is why there is an ever growing need for the expansion of free school breakfast/lunch programs if childhood obesity is such a significant issue????

    turbo tax timmy belongs in the vegetable section of the grocery store!!!!

  • Fat people are fat because most are poor and can’t afford nutritious foods. They live off pasta and cheap fast food. It’s not their fault. The Flotus is way is way out of touch.

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