Please listen to the entire 4 minutes; paying attention to words like ‘progressive’ and ‘radical’.  Then keep in mind we fought a revolution to get away from these guys, and because we no longer have a president worthy of respect, the world is starting to burn.  How do you feel, as an American, taking orders from Gordon Brown?

We should see social mobility as the modern route to social justice.  And we should devise together the radical measures that will massively accelerate the social mobility in our societies.  And fourth, with globalization, we have a unique chance to recognize our global interdependence as citizens, and work toward a truly global society.  And that is a world free from climate change catastrophe, it’s a world free from terrorism, and a world where we tackle poverty, disease, illiteracy, and inequality.

That was quite a “living in my little pony world” statement, doncha think?  I wonder if the islamic jihadists are going to allow Gordon Brown to live as an infidel?

Just a bit more of Gordon’s foolishness.

Together, I think these proposals are the modern, progressive way of achieving our historic goals of economic progress, social justice, environmental care.

(H/T Kathy)

UPDATE: I couldn’t just leave twitmo up there all by himself.

Daniel Hannan speaking about promoting free enterprise in Europe.

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