Vent Away!

One of LM’s readers has suggested a place for Monster readers to gather and verbally bitchslap the living daylights out of whoever seems to be driving us crazy at the moment.  I personally think that this is a very good idea, but remember that once you type it, it’s out there forever – so keep the blue language to a minimum and absolutely no prose that would incite violence or violent revolution.  Also, please keep in mind the lurkers that come here…

By Logistics Monster


  • Well…now that you ask…I rather resent congress being portrayed by a picture of chimpanzees, who are sentient, beautiful creatures in their own right, while congress as a whole bears NO resemblance to anything sentient, beautiful or otherwise deserving of love and respect.


    Venti venting!

  • TaterSalad -

    Black conservatives are the best to know about this movement since they have struggled in so many ways over the years. They understand that big government and entitlements not only hurt them but hurt everyone by making themselves slaves to big government. It won’t happen with these people. They are true Americans and true conservatives. They don’t need anyone to tell them how to lead their own lives. As a Tea Party member myself I am glad to join ranks with black conservatives to fight this socialist, big government and to keep our Constitution safe from these Progressive morons!

  • clemintine -

    my rant (at least for today…) is directed at the arrogance of r. gibbs(erish)….and the obvious support he gets from the current admin in the white house while ridiculing, dismissing and taking cheap shots at American citizens. how dare he, or the admin, think this is in anyway acceptable! i don’t give a rat’s a%% what they say in the confines of their offices. i do care that this behavior is routinely displayed before the press and public. (of course the press condones this by their silence) i doubt it will ever happen; however, i dream of the day when he gets called out on this…….

    now for a calming thought for the day….
    if you don’t want anyone to get your goat…..don’t let them know where you have it tied up!

  • Has anyone else noticed that ever since Glenn Beck stopped calling himself a rodeo clown that he started acting like one?

    • clemintine -

      i am always amazed at how clueless politicians are in this age of technology! they seem to forget everything gets taped/archived/etc…..

      i especially love to watch the spin when they are confronted with audio/video proof of their words then and now!

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