Stewart Rhodes Of Oathkeepers On O’Reilly, 2.18.2010

Yesterday, Bill O’Reilly interviewed Mark Potok of the Southern Law Poverty Center who made comments about how fearful he was of the Oathkeepers (see here).

Today, O’Reilly interviewed Stewart Rhodes, founder of the Oathkeepers.  It appears that Bill thinks it is perfectly reasonable to suspend the 2nd amendment given a state of emergency, and that the Oathkeepers’ stance is ‘extreme’.  I believe that if our government officials were not so blatantly corrupt and such bald faced liars, we would not need people like the Oathkeepers.  Does Bill O’Reilly really believe that given a state of emergency, average Americans are going to go out in the streets and shoot it up?  He has such a high opinion of us.  Who among us believes that our 2nd amendment rights are not under attack and will not continue to be under attack from a government that many of us can no longer trust?

By Logistics Monster


  • Just the name Oathkeepers must send a cold chill through the Progressives, how can there be such people, don’t you know you have us to follow, you do not need to keep any oaths. My goodness what next fidelity in marriage are you people out of your minds.

    As far as O’Reilly thinking about what average Americans might do he would have to remember first what it was like to be one. He has made a ton of money related to his upbringing but he is not living as an average American in this time and place so he has not got a clue. Other than his childhood I do not think he can speak much about the subject of everyday America, although he certainly does try.

  • So what if the President declared a financial emergency and had enemies of the state put in camps. – and those enemies were the paid/unpaid media and their families that expressed contrary views? Of course, it would only be temporary – like what Hitler did with the Jews or FDR with our Japanese-Am.

    O’Reilly probably hasn’t camped for a while. LOL

  • Bill O'Reilly thinks it OK to suspend 2nd amendment in a state of emergency, & that the Oathkeepers’ stance is ‘extreme’

  • James N. Minton -

    Bill O’Reillyis a 2 bit stupid Jackass…..on this subject.

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