Glenn Beck, 2.18.2010: American Revolution vs. French Revolution

Glenn begins this show with the news of Joseph Stack, the software engineer who flew his plane into a building housing the IRS in Austin, Texas. He uses his opening monologue to restate that Americans are not violent and that we do not need another “revolution” in our country.  Though I agree with his premise about non-violent change, I take issue with Glenn’s assertion that 9.11 truthers and birthers are radicals.  I believe that Americans can question authority without being demonized as radicals that will become violent.  I believe that tea party patriots are not going to take up arms and fight a revolution, rather they are intent on finding constitutional candidates to flip this progressive Congress that is spending us into oblivion.  I believe, like many of my readers, that there are tidbits of information that we lack that would explain Glenn’s apparent erratic behavior, and his attacks on patriots.  I have yet to meet a tea party patriot that does not believe there is something fishy about Barack Obama paying upwards of $2 Million Dollars to Perkins Coie to keep all his records hidden from public scrutiny.  Those very same patriots want to know why Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, etc., will not touch the issue of the sealed records, which long ago, became the story – not the birth certificate. You cannot tell me that once an average American knows what Obama has done to keep all of his records from public view, that they are just going to go along and think 2+2 doesn’t equal 4?

We are sick of being lied to; we are sick of the media trying to tell us what is important to think or believe; we want our questions answered; we just want the truth.  How radical a position is that?

Can someone also explain to me why this post: Barack Obama’s Occidental College Records Release: Truth Or Fiction?, is the #1 searched post of all time for this site?

Part 2, Crazy Radicals that you need to distance yourself from:

Part 3, Steve Moore and Charles Payne on The Fed’s decision to quietly raise emergency lending interest rates, and the rising inflation rate on producers. Glenn also covers this report.

Part 4, Rome is burning:

Part 5, the Titanic. What else does Glenn know that we don’t?:

Part 6:

Part 7, the indoctrination of our youth tomorrow:

By Logistics Monster


  • It was an interesting show. Just the idea that Robespierre was a collectivist puts the French Revolution in a new light for me. He was a Deist who suffered the same fate as he meted out.

    I’m a bit surprised at the discount rate increase but it’s certainly needed. Today’s PPI showed a significant increase in inflation.

    I like what Beck said about that crazed pilot. R-L doesn’t matter. In the end, he was a violent killer, if only of himself.

  • I agree that Joseph Stack was a crazy person and a killer. The interesting things about the R-L paradigm though is that if you take a few moments to read his manifesto he makes points that are on both sides of the aisle. Was he driven mad by the fact that the deck is stacked against us, yes. Was he a total imbecile for killing people other than himself, yes.

    I want to say this just right so that I am not being mis-understood.

    What I want to make clear is that I believe the average american can hold views from both the right and the left….and most do. Just look at you and me. Fiscally conservative, socially moderate. I think Beck missed that point.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I disagree with him in that we are in a revolution, a peaceful one. We have to have a revolution in this country to right all the wrong that is being done to us on a daily basis. We have organized ourselves to have a say in what happens to our country. What is that but acting revolutionary? Wasn’t it Ben Franklin who said that a good revolution once in a while is a good thing?
    Beck is giving out a lot of information, and it is good, but I don’t think I have heard him give any solutions yet. He is missing the whole point of the tea party movement, I think.

    And what is it about all of these big meetings or conventions when so many Americans are out of work,etc, and can’t afford to go to them anyway?
    Just who is going to benifit from them?

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