The Reality Of The Wasted Stimulus Money

I know everybody is angry with both parties, but the truth is the truth, no matter who it comes from. The truth cannot be spun.

“…most of the money we are investing, as part of this plan, will get out the door immediately…” – Barack Obama

“This bill will create 3-1/2 Million jobs. Respect it for what it does.” – Nancy Pelosi

By Logistics Monster


  • clemintine -

    anytime someone tries to tell me the folks in washington are doing a good job and have our best interests at heart, i ask them to explain this bulls%%%!

    how can any person be so out of touch as to think spending millions on these nonsense projects is good for the nation! we are going broke, but they need to make sure the pork goes out the door……hannity had a great list today on his show. i think one of my favorites was the funding to a university so a group of students can go study the deforestation issues in south america every summer for the next seven years!!! then of course there is the turtle tunnel….of course that did create a job for the person that will be hired to educate the turtles on how to use the tunnel…….

    if they would just keep their mitts out of our pockets, that is all the stimulus the nation needs!

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