Oh Just Shut Up Obama; Avoiding A Depression My ***!

I’m putting these vids up for those that actually can stomach the shit he is shoveling and for posterity so that I find them more easily later on (because you know I’m gonna need ’em).  I know, I’m lazy. It’s also very early in the morning and I will puke if I listen to the entire dog and pony show.

Bambi wants to let you know that his Recovery Act circumvented the next Great Depression and that even though you have no job, no money, and it doesn’t really feel like a recovery – It.Really.Is!!!  JUST BELIEVE!!!  Oh frakkin’ happy day!!!!!

260 more days before we can politically neuter this fraud, liar, and state joke.

Meanwhile, here is the truth; most of the stimulus hasn’t even been spent yet. So would that be Obama taking credit for something that he didn’t do again?

Bulk of Stimulus Spending Yet to Come

Most Cash So Far Has Gone to Services, Government Jobs; Infrastructure Surge Unlikely to Put Big Dent in Unemployment

WASHINGTON—The Obama administration’s economic-stimulus program has delivered about a third of its total $787 billion budget during its first year, much of that to maintain social services and government jobs and to provide tax cuts for workers. Now, the pace and direction of stimulus spending are about to change.

Infrastructure spending is set to step up in the second year of the stimulus program, which should mean more money flowing to private-sector employers. Still, economists say that won’t likely have a big effect on the unemployment rate, which most say is likely to continue a slow decline as the broader economy recovers.

The shift could be significant politically, though, because Republicans have criticized the relative lack of private business hiring directly attributed to the stimulus.

The approach this week of the stimulus program’s one-year anniversary sparked a fresh round of dueling partisan statements, as Democrats sought to credit the effort with averting a deeper recession and Republicans said the program deserved a failing grade. But in terms of spending, the stimulus is largely incomplete.

By Logistics Monster


  • California Patriot -

    What a flipping lier! I live in Sacramento, I see NO economic stimulus here.

  • California Patriot -

    obama says, “12,500 construction projects from rebuilding our highways to improving our airports.” Well, let me tell you that the highways that run through Sacramento (Interstate 80 and Highway 50) have pot holes, cracks, and bald spots.! You know what obama is doing to improve those roadway? He’s building cement center dividers! Now, that’s improvement, ain’t it?

  • I’m seeing stimulus spending all over the place around here, the DC area. One construction project even has a sign that says it’s due to the Recovery Act. The thing is, the unemployment rate here is much lower than the rest of the country. Things are at a standstill because of all the snow right now.

    The stimulus spending has helped the GDP to some extent but it’s unsustainable. If the spending spree doesn’t stop, we’re in big trouble.

  • clemintine -

    i have no doubt the unemployment rate is lower in washington or anywhere there are federal offices…..as the federal gov’t has been hiring while others are cutting jobs. one article i read estimated that over the course of 4 yrs, while bo is in office, the federal gov’t will hire approx 300,000 new employees!!!!

    the problem with the gov’t being the primary employer is those employees, for the most part do not “produce” anything, thus only serve to drain resources from the American public. (increased taxes to pay for their salaries/benefits/etc)

    • Gov workers do help the local economy. Government contracts go to defense contractors that build all sorts of things. Gov workers make it possible for others to produce things.

      Remember that BASF TV ad? The one that says, at BASF, we don’t make the products you buy, we make the products you buy better.

      A fed gov version of that ad might say, we don’t make the products you buy, we make the products you buy more expensive.

      • clemintine -

        ron…i would love to agree with you; however, as a significant number of gov’t workers are unionized, i believe in the long run they take more from the economy than they give. i do agree the products are more expensive…. :). with the addition of mandatory PLA’s for gov’t contracts under the stimulus, each project is more costly than if they were done by the non-union private sector.

        i believe it was new hampshire that declined a gov’t project due to the mandatory PLA.

        (under the PLA regs, even non-union workers are mandated to pay into the union fund and the contractors must negotiate by union rules.)

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    When I looked at the length of the videos I knew I could never watch BO for that long so I’ll just take your word for it that he was telling lies and talking nonsense. I know I’m living in a depression just by going to the grocery store and the gas pump. I know it by the fact that I am getting little to no work. My standard of living has sunk in the past 2 years. I’m not a happy camper.

  • 4 in 10 S.Florida mortgage holders are underwater, unemployment is higher if Florida than the national average, the tourist industry is so so with the dollar the way it is foreign tourist are still coming but not so much the much beloved “snowbirds”.

    Things stink and there is not much hope in sight, schools are laying off and when that happens you know things are bad. You know they count on the teacher unions voting for them. Not teachers but support personnel who are vital to the teachers, so he can spew whatever nonsense he wants the voters know what is happening and they will show their gratitude in November,

  • Granny Gripes -

    NO ONE WITH A BRAIN believes the liar in chief.
    The way to shut him up is to roll up the sleeves and get more
    true conservatives elected across this nation.

    do whatever you can to advance the conservative candidates and
    start email chains, whatever it takes.

    AND may I suggest that we all support this site which keeps us
    updated and is a venue to vent and link up with like minded souls.

    WE HAVE to clean house. NO ONE BELIEVES the FOOL in CHIEF
    so we need to focus on SOLUTIONS, get that socialist broom
    that OBAMA talks about and sweep the house. 9 MONTHS TO GO!

  • C. A. Mills -

    The rest of the stimulus money is going to be used to help all the Democrats running for election. From now till the 2012 Nov. election.
    This is the reason the “bag man” is going out and about to “help” all the Democratic candidates. The bag man was probably told that it wasn’t him showing up at the past 3 elections that caused the liberals to loose. It was because they didn’t have enough money…smart…now the stimulus money is being brought to these upcoming democrats running for election. This way when they loose, there will still be money in the kitty to move out of town. Being professional politicians they will morph into conservatives.

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