Is This Billboard Message Clear Enough? (I-75 Florida)

I found this billboard on Patriots For America, but the original post is here.

Billboard On I-75 In Florida: America’s Coming For You Liberals

Do your part in November – VOTE and encourage everyone you know to do the same!!

This photo is of a billboard recently established on I-75 just south of Lake City in Florida. The cost of 10 months rental of the billboard and doing the artwork was $6500. The folks responsible for the billboard say they feel it’s a reasonable cost to reach out to 1,000,000 vehicles per month to motivate participation in the electoral process to get our country on sound footing and VOTE OUT everyone in Washington.

I wonder how many more billboards like this one we are going to see sprouting up all over the country in the next few years?

By Logistics Monster


  • Nancy Cavazos -

    Finally !!! Thanks people of Lake City Florida. You rock!!!!

  • I have a hard time taking anything coming out of FLorida seriously. Just exactly where did the money for this thing come from? Grass roots contributions or a single check from some Republican special interest?

    • grass roots effort….contributions by the people….as it should be.

    • It didn’t come from a government earmark or the Dems.
      People are waking up.

    • “Orange” money. That’s where, and GOOD for them! It’s either going to a billboard like this or in some lazy leech’s pocket. I’d opt for the billboard. At least IT works!

    • Centcom -

      Hey Wess, Liberals love ‘exit strategies’. In November Patriots are going them an opportunity to practice what they preach.

  • Richard S. -

    I live in Lake City, Florida and I couldn’t be more proud of the citizens of this county for putting up that sign. Citizen contributions paid the bill. PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA

  • Oh my gosh!!! This gives me soooooo much hope!!! Horray, horray!! Thank you Lake City!!!!

  • Gary Hamilton -

    The sign is not correct. It should read Vote all the Progressives out! Progressives are both Democrates and Republicans.

  • Judy and Dray Summers -

    We are so proud of Lake City taking this action. Love the Billboard! We live in Virginia and saw it on Fox News Nationally this AM. We wish we had one
    here. WAKE UP AMERICA and smell the FOX in the Hen House. The Botox Twins (Pelosi and Biden) should be run out on a rail right behind Obama!
    What a threesome!

  • shirley in Tennessee -

    We have awakend a sleeping giant and I hope it continues. Going to try to do the same in TN. Progressive seems to be the “buzz word in politics today” but it’s just another name for a far left liberal. Thanks Lake City

  • Michael I Minnesota -

    Look at the people – I bet 95% of them are all on medicare – a gov run health care – what a bunch of morans – I wonder how many of them gave up there Gov health care and went and got private insurance ? ZERO I bet

    • Ya. Except one thing, they EARNED it! Unlike most Obama followers who simply want it to be GIVEN to them free-hand with no effort on their part. Oh, and by the way…”Moron” is spelled with TWO “o’s”…Moron.

  • Old Mizer -

    “We the People” …a message to Tyranny and Socialism!

    I want to share this with all of you. This blog of this video speaks the words and expresses the feelings many of us are experiencing right now. …..Enjoy

    Let’s make this one VIRAL! Post it on every other social site you visit. Send it to your close friends. To People on your e-mail list. Let’s spread this around so everybody had seen it at least once.

    If you aren’t sure if the message says enough, …replay it and watch it again.

  • wildroot4 -

    We followed the folks in North Florida by erecting 4 signs in Polk county Florida last month. Sign #5 is going up next week.

  • Hey Wess N, You better take it seriously, No matter where it comes from. We the people are sick of Obama, I mean throwing up, boiling blisters and now the lepers are starting to show sick of OBAMA and his socialist New world order agenda. THIS WILL NOT STAND, Thank you people who were responsible for this sign. A#1

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