Glenn Beck, 2.16.2010: NY Times Spins The Tea Parties

Glenn starts this program with the nasty financial and economic problems we are facing with a rough breakdown of the federal budget. He interviews Art Laffer about what needs to happen to pull us back from the edge. Glenn then moves onto the New York Times trying to rename the Tea Party Patriots as militia members and crazies.

Part 2 – Art Laffer:

Part 3 – Art Laffer continued:

Part 4 – NY TIMES:

Tea Party Lights Fuse for Rebellion on Right

These people are part of a significant undercurrent within the Tea Party movement that has less in common with the Republican Party than with the Patriot movement, a brand of politics historically associated with libertarians, militia groups, anti-immigration advocates and those who argue for the abolition of the Federal Reserve.

Part 5 – Executive Orders:

Part 6 – True Hope:

By Logistics Monster


  • I’ve appreciated Glenn Beck’s efforts to hold this administration accountable for its actions, but his comparison of constitutionally minded gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina to Hitler last Thursday has caused me to think twice about him.

    I highly encourage you all to read this blog post – it makes a very compelling argument about what the mainstream media (regardless of what network is being discussed) is accomplishing today and how we normal, everyday citizens are simply buying into their game.

    • John, I went over and read the post and yes, it is very compelling and I fully agree. My readers are pretty savvy and we take everything with a grain of salt, and usually follow the money. After today’s show, I am background processing the new spin coming from both sides and think I may just have to write another opinion piece that directly relates to the 10th Amendment post.

      Thanks for your comment.

    • Dante Lexington -

      I read it, until it started to talk about Populism as if such crap ever could be credible. I don’t care for Glenn Beck, but I’ll be damned if I support any form of Fascism, and that includes all forms of Populism.

  • I’d go farther than that John. His lame attempt to justify the attack in this video truly made me cringe. I like Beck’s research staff, and I like that he’s spreading some truth to a wide audience – but the man himself is a straight white male Drama Queen. The pipe, the affected accent, the “dumb, dumb, dummies bit – nothing to do with truth or freedom. He likes the truth, as long is it doesn’t interfere with his opinions.

    No doubt that he will slowly co-opt his following for financial/political purposes. The irony is that he inadvertently launched the movement that will bring TPTB to their knees.

    • If Beck is responsible for bringing TPTB to their knees it would truly be ironic, something has really shifted lately and I just do not know what he hopes to accomplish.

      Certainly he knows that this movement is not going to blindly follow anyone, if you are not for real you will be exposed.

      As far as I am concerned when you ask people to question with boldness you are just a hypocrite if you mock the questions people ask.

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