Glenn Beck, 2.15.2010: Obama’s Path To Dictatorship, Mishy’s Crusade, & ClimateGate

Glenn starts out with the differences, or lack thereof, of the two parties controlling the District of Criminals. These two parties are just two sides of the progressive coin.

Glenn then covers Rahm Emanuel’s words about pushing Obama’s agenda through using executive orders; story here.  A progressive congress has given away it’s power.

He also talks about Mishy pushing the fight against childhood obesity and mentions food deserts and how there probably is legislation that directly relates. Imagine my surprise when I realized he was talking about this bill that I read months ago; H.R. 3100: Food Desert Oasis Act of 2009. This bill was introduced on June 26, 2009 by none other than Bobby Rush of Illinois.

(Refresh for more segments to be added as available.)

Part 2,

Part 3, Obama Dictatorship:

Part 4, ClimateGate (How’s that utopia working out for ya?):

Part 5, Lincoln and Washington’s Birthdays (President’s Day), Lewis Lehrman – Lincoln Historian:

Part 6, Lewis Lehrman continued:

By Logistics Monster


  • It was another great show. I always want more. There’s just enough to get you thinking. Wish we could have heard more from Lewis Lehrman but here’s his site:

    Both parties have been bad for the country but with the tea party movement, at least the GOP has a chance to reform for the better. The DNC is a lost cause at this point. The only way to oust the leftist progressives that have taken it over is to soundly defeat them.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I don’t see it either. Thanks again, DT. This is the only way I can see Glen Beck.

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