AYFKM? British Curate Tells Wives To Shut Up And SUBMIT!


Today’s Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me? Award goes to a british curate that told his female parishioners in a sermon to sit down, shut up, and submit to their husbands because you women are the reason for the high divorce rates (like the husband has absolutely nothing to do with whatever problems caused the divorce).

This would be one of the reasons I am no longer part of a faith that relegates a human being to slave status, and why today’s woman might be thinking twice about getting married…ever.  Think about whether or not any woman really needs to get married to a man anymore.  As for this curate, allow me to just take a wild guess that this guy is probably a leftist that really wants to destroy the family unit.  I swear every single one of their brains is wired ass backwards.  (Ladies and Gentlemen? Please let us know exactly what you think in comments about this curate and his sermon.)

Curate outrages congregation by telling women to ‘be silent and submit to your husbands’

With Valentine’s Day approaching, parishioners might have expected a more heartwarming message. Instead, they got a sermon urging women to ‘submit’ to their husbands.

The apparent lack of obedience of ‘modern women’ was blamed for the high divorce rate. In a sermon entitled ‘Marriage and women’ last Sunday, curate Mark Oden, told the congregation at St Nicholas Church in Sevenoaks, Kent: ‘We know marriage is not working.

‘We only need to look at figures – one in four children have divorced parents. Wives, submit to your own husbands.’

Vicar Angus MacLeay
Mark Oden

Under fire: Vicar Angus MacLeay (left) told his female parishioners to ‘be silent’ and ‘submit to your husbands’. Just days later his curate Mark Oden (right) blamed the behaviour of modern women for the UK’s high divorce rate

It is understood some women parishioners – and even their husbands – have vowed never to attend the church again.

Its vicar is Angus MacLeay, 50, a married father of two who is a leading member of the evangelical group Reform, which is opposed to the appointment of women clergy.

The group has produced a leaflet, called ‘The role of women in the local church’, which uses Biblical quotes to urge them to ‘remain silent’ and telling them ‘wives are to submit to their husbands in everything’.

One woman churchgoer said she was ‘disgusted’ by the sermon, adding: ‘How can they talk that way in the 21st Century?’

Another, who also did not want to be named, said: ‘We’re supposed to let our husbands talk for us and remain silent? What kind of medieval sermon is that?’

Mr Oden a married father of three, is reported to have said: ‘I am passionate about helping people to have healthy marriages. I did not set out to unnecessarily offend people, but I stand by what God has said in his word, the Bible.’

Mr MacLeay, a Scotsman who sometimes wears a kilt to church, said: ‘There are times when the Bible challenges modern society. It recognises that women are fully equal to men, but it also recognises that in certain areas of life they may have different roles.

‘Of course, in marriage, our main concern, it is the responsibility of husbands to show consideration and love for their wives.’

On its website, St Nicholas Church describes itself as a church where ‘we believe that the Bible is the supreme and final authority in all matters of faith.’

Reform believes that leaders of a church should be men and say the leaflet was produced to explain this view. Sources in the group said the leaflet had been misinterpreted.

The source added: ‘People misunderstand the word “submit”. In this context it means saying how can I be most beneficial in this relationship as a helper. To submit does not make you an inferior being.’

A woman of 24 who was at the sermon said: ‘Isn’t it a vicar’s job not to tell you what everyone wants to hear and what society says, but to help explain the Bible says about issues?’

By Logistics Monster


  • Oh nooooooooooooo, “submit” doesn’t mean “inferior” at all.

    If I were married to this swine, I would kill him in his sleep. Men like HIM are the reason for the hgh divorce rate.

    Thanks for reminding me why I stay away from churches.

  • The leftists and jihadists hate Valentine’s Day so be sure to celebrate it. We got a balloon and some flowers. That’s also the anniversary of when we met so we’re celebrating with champagne.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    How can you be told to submit to your husband and still be equal? It doesn’t make sense. He is a what I term a pig. And I don’t think men today want their women to submit to them. We’ve come a long way from those medieval days. I hate when people interpret the Bible according to how they want to see things.

    Ron, that is very sweet. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both.

    • Thanks, Nancy. Equality is very important. My wife wouldn’t have me if I weren’t her equal, her match. Sunday, I’ll make pancakes from scratch, build a fire in the afternoon so we can have tea by it, and I’ll make a special dinner.

  • Christianity is better than islam because it respects women. If they began treating women in such a way i would lose a lot of respect for it. And begin saying that Christianity is just as bad as islam.

    A females mind is not inferior to a males mind in anyway. There is no reason why females should be treated as the lesser sex.

  • Gee, isn’t this exactly what the muslum radicals preach? Sounds like these two are drinking Islamic koolaid! After spending time in the middle east during the 1st Gulf war, and seeing what I saw, I wouldn’t give you a
    ‘plug nickle” for ANY of those scumbags! And they call Islam the religion of peace? Give me a break, I say nuke the entire region!

  • These jackasses ought to learn their material before they shoot off their mouths. All of the evidence coming from the Qumran scrolls indicates that “Jesus” (real name Yeshua) did indeed value women and have them as equals and apostles in his minstry. There is significant evidence surviving the Church’s massive book burning sessions to support that he left Mary Magdalene as head of his ministry, not Peter.

    I personally cannot abide by hypocrites such as these 2 men. How can they possibly reconcile this attitude with Yeshua’s message of love and forgiveness? How can they assume that he would want anyone excluded form his message of love, when indeed his surviving teachings indiacte exactly the opposite?

    And how can they justify keeping anyone from sharing the message of the man they claim to follow as savior and messiah? If the so called religious “leaders” of the world would actually concentrate on sharing the message of God’s love instead of trying to convince us that they alone have a one-man communication channel with the almighty and are singularly qualified to interpret God’s intentions, not only would the world be a much better place, but there might be a few more people in churches. Instead, they turn the temples into political nests of asshattery.

    Good job, “gentlemen”. You’ve reduced your congregation by roughly 52%.

    • Well done, Grail. The women at that service should have all left the church immediately and left him with an empty church. It is mostly women who attend church services anyway.

      Had I been in that congregation I would have stood up, marched out while singing all the way, “I Am Woman”. I would really have roared.

      Submit my foot. If men were stronger and more sensible God would have made them the carrier of babies. He gave this chore to women because He knew that men were too weak and couldn’t handle the pain and patience that is required to bring a child into this world.

      The financial support of most churches is primarily the women. If women withheld their offerings these so-called ministers would have something to cry about.

  • Yes, and islamic extremists follow the peaceful word of the koran too. It is obvious that the left is bent on continuing this destruction of the family nucleus and clergy has joined their ranks. They corrupt scripture just as much to fit their agenda.

    I haven’t seen you on Twitter lately….

  • I wish I could say I am surprised but I’m not. They are correct, that is what the 3,000 year old relic WORD OF MAN (and I do mean MAN – God had nothing to do with it) teaches but it was not right 3,000 years ago and it’s not right now. I so wish the sheeple would wake up and read and interpret their own relic and realize it’s full of nothing but hatred, misogyny and racism. DO YOU HONESTLY BELIEVE THIS IS WHAT JESUS WANTED????? I will tell you the reason that a high number of women file for divorce nowadays – it’s because we no longer are FORCED to put up with this kind of bullshit! I have been happily married for the last 10 years to a man who treats me as an equal human being as I treat him. I can honestly tell you, had my husband treated me in this way we would not have made it one week! Until the sheeple wake up and turn their back on this bullshit, it will continue. I for one refuse to set foot in a church of any kind for this very reason.

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