Day: February 11, 2010

Just Curious: Why Did The Census Progress Report Video Disappear?

So here I am late at night procrastinating on some issues, and running through all my feeds looking for interesting tidbits and I come across this title and brief description for a video on C-Span. Senate Homeland Security "Census Progress Report" What is normally a standard progress report on the Census Bureau's 2010 census may turn into a hard examination of the Bureau's decision to spend a reported $2.5 million to air an ad during the Super Bowl. Census officials are due to testify today before a Senate Homeland Security Subcmte. on Census Bureau's 2010 data gathering. Length: Published: Thursday…
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Beck, 2.11.2010: Greece, The Coming Insurrection, & “PIGS” Are Us

"Financial Egghead" Edition - Glenn interviews Damon Vickers of Nine Points Capital Partners, Brian Dougherty, Sen. Editor of Reason Magazine, and Niall Ferguson, Professor of History at Harvard, speaking about the current economic crisis in europe. (PIGS = Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain) Widgets Part 2, PIGS are us: Part 3, Student of History - history of the end of the Soviet Union: Part 4, The Coming Insurrection: Part 5, Sovereignty: Part 6,
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Get Ready For The Commercial Real Estate Bubble 2.0 (COP Report)

(I will keep talking about residential mortgages resetting, and the commercial real estate bubble until you folks tell me to stop already!!) The Senate Congressional Oversight Panel put out a report today on the impending bust of the commercial real estate and how it will affect every single American. Commercial Real Estate Losses and the Risk to Financial Stability The Congressional Oversight Panel's February oversight report, "Commercial Real Estate Losses and the Risk to Financial Stability," expresses concern that a wave of commercial real estate loan losses over the next four years could jeopardize the stability of many banks, particularly…
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THIS Will Be Obama’s Waterloo: Raising Taxes

WE knew that Obama was lying when he said that nobody making under $250,000 would pay a single dime of taxes more. When Obama comes out and states that he was "forced" to raise taxes because of the deficit that he helped balloon with all his reckless spending, his Waterloo will be met.  In the meantime, we need to continue the work to flip this congress in 266 days and keep this asshat at bay until we can boot his butt from the White House in 2012. Obama ‘Agnostic’ on Deficit Cuts, Won’t Prejudge Tax Increases Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) --…
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