How Much Power Do The Liberals Want To Give Sarah Palin

Ever heard the saying “any press is good press.”  I mean really; how stupid are these people?  I would not have touched this issue for a million bucks.  I hope they keep stooping to new lows.  If this is all they can attack her on, what is 2010 and 2012 actually going to look like?

Keith Olbermann Mocks Sarah Palin’s Palm Crib Notes – 02/08/10

MSNBC’s Mitchell Compares Sarah Palin’s 6 Words-in a Hand to Obama’s Start-to-Finish Teleprompter

Cafferty, Blitzer hate on popular conservative Sarah Palin after Cafferty ponders her next move

Chris Matthews is obsessed with Sarah Palin

The Million Dollar Questions:

  1. How stupid are progressives?
  2. Have progressives ever played chess?
  3. Have these people never heard of Newton’s Laws of Motion?
By Logistics Monster


  • Grail Guardian -


    1. No measure that large has yet been discovered.
    2. Yes, but only Strip Chess.
    3. The only one they know is this: For every actions, there is an equal and opposite way to blame George W. Bush.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    My patience is wearing very thin at these morons. They worry about a few notes she writes to herself. Most people giving speeches use notes written on something. You have to be able to stick to your outline, or whatever . They never fail make a mountain out of a mole hill. Hello, you progressive fools, haven’t we got a dictator in the Oval Office already doing all kinds of fascist things to us? That includes you fools, too. Please don’t for a minute think you are exempt from this tyranny that you helped to bring on America.

  • California Patriot -

    They’re very worried about the mounting strength of the conservative movement (including the Tea Party). They have very little, if anything, to refute what is being said by us because they are as guilty as hell, and know we are right and they are wrong. They are criminals, and that fact can and will be proven. They are over grown children. It’s obvious, is it not?

    Let’s take their mud slinging and verbal ridicule as a compliment. It shows how immature they really are. Let it give us strength to carry on. Be prepared for more aggressive and dangerous attacks from them. They will stop at nothing (even assassinating their own people).

  • Hard for me to concentrate on these topics. Getting buried by another blizzard here in the DC area. Another snowball fight going on right now at Dupont Circle, being covered on Fox News Channel by Megyn Kelly.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Blizzard here in the Philly area, too. I’m sick of it, but we usually don’t really get that much snow . All of our roads are drifted shut tonight. It’s hard even for the Pendot plows to get through. Nobody is going anywhere. Except for a few fools who will always try and have to be dug out by Pendot. Right now I”m worried about my power. My lights flicker now and then. I’m getting my house real warm in case it goes. At least it would take a little longer t o cool off. I’m worried about a neighbor’s big pine tree, one branch of which is so heavy with snow it is hanging down on the hood of my car. Please pray for my car tonight. I thank you in advance.

    • Nancy, sure hope you maintain power and that your car stays safe from that bad pine. The snowdrifts here are unreal. I’ll get out and take some pix tomorrow. Here’s a photo I took of a robin during the blizzard:

  • I found the palm scrib notes a smart way of remembering things. Allbert Einstein, the father of the famous E= M x C squared has the same character of putting notes on his palm. The most important thing i want to ask the liberals and independents who voted for Obama is this: How is hope and change that was promised by Obama in 2008 working out for you?? Well, guys, making a mistake once of voting him is just a human error. However, re-electing him again on 2012 justifies that all you guys are just simply empty head intellectuals

  • California has a lot of intellectuals and elites. Because of the majority of the population belong to American society’s most elite, no wonder why California has budget shortfall and on bankcruptcy. Why? 90% are leaders and only 10% are just followers. Alaska, on the other hand was once poorly managed by an idiot governor called Sarah Palin, and this is the reason why Alaska, within the span of two years, has managed to have budget surplus and has minimized corruption. This is what you called poor governance by a dummy governor. What a life in America!!

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