Blue-Dog Dems’ Revolt Has Started

The dems are getting the message, and are now trying to save their sorry butts come November.  I personally think it is too late for many of them, but only time will tell.

Blue Dogs push to go further than Obama spending freeze

Blue Dog Democrats want Congress to go further than President Barack Obama’s proposal to freeze spending in next year’s budget.

The group of House centrists will soon introduce a bill capping discretionary spending at specific levels. The move would challenge their leadership and the president, who are balancing concerns with the nearly $1.6 trillion deficit in 2010 with those who say government spending on job creation is the way out of the recession.

The spending levels sought by the Blue Dogs may result in spending cuts, which would go beyond Obama’s proposal to save $250 billion over the next decade by freezing non-security discretionary spending for three years, said Rep. Baron Hill (D-Ind.), a senior Blue Dog.

“Two hundred and fifty billion is a lot of savings with a freeze on discretionary spending, but I think we can do better,” Hill said in a brief interview.

The group has yet to hash out the details on the spending caps bill, but it has near-unanimous support among its members, a Blue Dog aide said.

The Blue Dog Coalition, 54 members strong, has enough votes to block any budget resolution, a fact House leaders are well-aware of.

By Logistics Monster


  • They will not fool all the people. This is probably a gambit to try to take the heat off before November, but I don’t think it will work. Do they think those of us who are on to them will forgive and forget at election time? Not this partier. I still say VOTE ALL THE BUMS OUT!!!!! The Blue Dogs are offering too little too late as far as I’m concerned.

  • Granny Gripes -

    IF they are in they are O U T. PERIOD. OUR liberal extremist just joined the “BLUE DOGS” to pretend he is a fiscal HAWK. Notice he voted for cap n Tax and for THE HEALTH SCARE SCAM. And is a global warmist freezing his behind off, I hope:

    It is a good week for the nation: “HELL HAS FROZEN OVER”

    • “HELL HAS FROZEN OVER’ Granny as I watched the White House covered with snow I had the same thought.

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