Andrea Mitchell’s Behavior “Appalling” (From A Liberal)

I did not cover the Sarah Palin, ‘palm scribbles’ scandal because it is ridiculous when compared to Obama’s ’57 states’, the Great Lakes of Oregon, and dead soldiers in the crowd….but the immature left just had to jump like rabid dogs to hammer the former Alaskan governor.

Enter Kirsten Powers, a very liberal reporter, whom I have watched fall out of love with the Obama administration. She hasn’t completely owned up to the fact that she, like so many millions were duped by a slick, marketing campaign, but she is getting there. Shall we enjoy the media double-standard once again?

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Kirstin Powers seems to be pretty much in the tank for Obama still have very little respect for these people turning against his administration now because it is they who gave this monster to the American people. Hopefully we can salvage our constitutional republic but it is taking a lot of work and also money. We will prevail but it wouldn’t have needed to be in the first place.

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