Obama preaching to the stupid, unwashed, American masses about being a bit more civil.

“But surely you can question my policies without questioning my faith….or, for that matter, my citizenship.

Are values not based on beliefs and how one is raised?

The birth certificate was not the issue it is today until people found out that Obama has spent millions hiding all his records from public view via Perkins Coie. It became an even bigger issue when Obama signed EO 13489 as his very first act in office protecting his records from requests by former and future presidents.

Was Obama born in America? It does not really matter to the issue at hand. Obama became an Indonesian citizen when his mother married an Indonesian citizen and he was adopted. Case closed.

I have spent decades lamenting the stupidity of the voting public who continues to give us liars-in-chief, but I have never seen such an arrogant, narcissistic, dictator in the making as this bozo who I wouldn’t trust enough to cross the threshold of my home.

The real question would be….Why did Hillary and McCain let this issue stay buried?

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