Chris Matthews Is The New Obama Girl

Some thought provoking statements about George Bush, liberals, racism, and….Chris Matthews as the new Obama Girl.

By Logistics Monster


  • grannygripes -

    Come on

    Chris Matthews has bout 600,000 viewers, of which no doubt
    half are opposition snoop dogs and or those seeking comic relief, checking in to see how utterly stupid he will actually get.

    He outdoes himself every day.
    So does Olbermann, birds of a feather.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I disagree with him on a lot of the Bush stuff. We should have never gone into Iraq. Look how many deaths have occurred because Bush wanted to get back at Saddam for threatening to assassinate his daddy. (And then there is Oil) Saddam had nothing to do with Al Qaeda or 9/11 and he was confined to his area. Sanctions work. And did we indeed find weapons of mass destruction? Afghanistan has been a big failure, too. How are we ever going to get good statesmen and women who love our republic enough to run it the right way?

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