More Americans Leaving California; Lana Zwygart’s Exit Interview

Progressives in Sacramento and Washington have told American citizens in California that they really don’t give a hoot about the average legal citizen, and many are answering the call to pick up their roots and leave the state for other parts of America where speaking english is as natural as the sun rising in the east.

Here is Lana Zwygart’s story, and back in the early ’90s, I was stunned while visiting relatives in a rather nice community in LA and finding that everything was written in spanish and no one spoke english.

Exit Interview

Businesswoman Lana Zwygart decided that placing her son in a crowded high school, where many students do not speak English, was simply not an option. Rather than pay the high tuition costs of a private school, Zwygart decided it was time to move her family and her company out of California.

Her story is the story of middle class Californians and business owners that have simply had enough of the declining quality of life and no longer have any faith that Sacramento and Washington will act to secure the border and protect American citizens.

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By Logistics Monster


  • She has an interesting story. Very sad what’s happening in CA. Definitely not right.

    BTW, I found this article interesting and asked about the use of the term progressive. It seems they like the term leftist better and say progressive describes how they go about achieving their goals. Leftist suggests communist but that term fell out of favor due to McCarthyism.

  • As more and more Americans leave California, taking their businesses and skills with them, not to mention the fact they pay taxes, California will become more like Mexico than the rest of the nation.

    The progressives can pretend not to see what is happening, because they are responsible for it, but they can not deny the outcome and the fact that as long as there is free will people will go,especially to protect their children.

    The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. I know in my heart that never did tptb factor in the moms in their plans. We will fight til the end to protect our young, whether they are children or adults there is no way the responsible among us will not do what ever we can to stop this.

  • grannygripes -

    The good and decent citizens are leaving the socialist state of OREGON too.

    The worst part is the marxists and socialists from CA have infiltrated Oregon too.

    How about asking the CA socialists, marxists to go break into Cuba
    or somewhere else in the world.

    That earthquake …… oh never mind

  • grannygripes -

    Ron, can you just call the progressives in CA what they are:
    socialists, marxists and morally bankrupt

  • 27 of my 62 years have been spent in the PRK, paying taxes, working and producing. In April that comes to an end and I won’t be looking back.

    The Golden State has turned into a Lead Anchor and will suck you down into the cesspool of despair created by progressives/leftists…whatever you want to call the them. They remind me of a horde of locusts descending on a perfectly beautiful land, rich in resources and people, consuming everything and then leaving a barren, God forsaken pile of waste in their wake.
    It’s what leftists/progressives do…that’s ALL they do.

    Socialism only works as long there are people stupid enough to swallow the lies. Once they wake up and take their money with them socialism fails as it has every time in the past.

    Progressives…yeah right. progressing towards what exactly? Looks to me as if they will be circling their cauldron of despair soon and begging us to help them…again. Not this time…at least not by me. I will be perfectly happy to watch as they bite themselves and bleed out.

    Hasta la vista Kalifoornya….

  • yourmomscalling -



  • Just the beginning I fear, of what is being allowed to happen nationally. What happens when there is NO WHERE else to move to?????? At some point this has to come to a head!

    • So we’re all moving to Texas. Wish I could but the idea is certainly appealing.

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