Day: February 2, 2010

Charles Payne On TARP SIG’s Report: Home Mortgage Modifications

Neil Cavuto interviews Charles Payne on Obama's $30 billion small bank bailout which he believe will do little as the banks that receive the money will just sit on it like the Big Boys did. What's more important about this interview is the Neil Barofsky report that has another interesting tidbit inside. This is going to be another one of these programs that sounds great on the surface but doesn't work, like this home mortgage program.  This thing is a disaster.  I don't know if you if saw this Neil Barofsky report, but he's saying $75 Billion to help 4…
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Glenn Beck, 2.2.2010; The President’s Boss Is China

LM has been covering the unsustainable debt that previous and current congresses have saddled us with for many months now.  Recently I posted an op-ed pieced penned by Stewart Dougherty (Tea Party Patriots Vs. The Master Class) detailing how the elites are turning all of us and future generations into indentured servants to our government, and China by extension of our debt. Last week, on 1.28.09; I saw an interview of Steven Moore with Greta Van Susteren for "On The Record" where Mr. Moore made the comment that China now owns more of our debt than the American public does. …
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GOP Being Pantywaists Again!

Americans are tired of politicians that say one thing, do another, and do not live by a set of principles.  We know the Borg Progressives have completely absorbed their democratic host, but the GOP isn't on life support yet.  One would think they would be listening, paying attention, and re-installing their spines considering the American public is more pissed at them then they are at the dems. Once again, not so.  The GOP are being pantywaists in the face of overwhelming evidence that the American public wants them to get a grip!  Conservative republican candidate Rubio has just passed Crist…
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Reuters Pulls “Backdoor Tax” Article; Still Found On Yahoo! Canada (UPDATE #2)

In the vein of "things that make you go hmmmm?", Reuters ran a story yesterday which has been subsequently pulled. I found the original on Daily Paul, tracked the second part of the story on Goldtalk Forum, and then found the entire story on Yahoo - CANADA. I find it very interesting that the story was pulled from the American news services, yet left on Canada's.  All one has to do is read the story and realize that Obama is about to break yet another campaign promise. How stupid do they think we are? Here is the original story pieced…
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