U.S. President Barack Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio at MacDill Air Force Base on Thursday, Jan. 28, 2010 in Tampa, Fla.

By Logistics Monster


  • Ken in IL -

    Maybe he has a message cut in his haircut he wants folks to see !!!

  • Quantum Leap -

    😆 OMFG! What a dork. The Mayor and the service person behind him are wondering what the heck is going on. Keep it up steve DUHnam. You loser. People don’t want a groveling Bolshevik pResident.

  • Quantum Leap -

    Obowma at his finest. Such a child. Hillary must have told him how to act and he misconstrued. 😀 History books will have fun with this guy. The bobbing bowing puppet.
    How sad. The world is laughing at us. Only thing is he didn’t get voted in. He stole his way in.

  • Quantum Leap -

    Well at least he didn’t do the power hand shake with 2 hands. But still… 😮

  • This guy is unbelievable. It’s no wonder we’re the laughinstock of Europe. I, for one, don’t usually care what Europe thinks of us, but this is getting to be too much. Is this what they mean when they say “ugly American”? He’s hard enough to take upright but wiith is tail up in the air so often I often wonder if he is signaling to Larry Sinclair.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Come on guys, cut the man a break. He’s bending over to read the paper she has in her left hand. Oh pardon me. It’s not a paper, it’s light shining on his jacket sleeve.
    She must have been very embarrassed. He is a total idiot. Very sick man.

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