John Boehner: Healthcare Is Not Dead

I know we have numerous issues to keep an eye on including the new $3.8 Trillion budget coming out, but ‘zombie’ healthcare is NOT DEAD yet, and we must keep one eye on congressional dems and RINOs.  The fascist healthcare reform bill being put forward must not be allowed to pass.

…and my favorite Chicago Hack, David Axelrod:

3 thoughts on “John Boehner: Healthcare Is Not Dead”

  1. They just don’t get it that the American people don’t want anything done about health care this year in this horrible economy. They are proposing a budget of over 3 Trillion dollars for this year and they still want to pass a heath “care” bill of over another trillion? They are really insane!!! As we all know ,it is just to get control of a lot more of our economy.

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