Organizing For America: High School Indoctrination

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Obama’s former campaign team which morphed into Organizing For America is now inside your child’s high school. Atlas Shrugs hits a homerun breaking a much more serious indoctrination move by the progressive socialists.

ATLAS EXCLUSIVE: Obama Organizing in High School

An Atlas reader, Chuck,  has a student in the eleventh grade in an Ohio High School. Her government class passed out this propaganda recruiting paper so students could sign up as interns for Obama’s Organizing for America (OFA is the former site.)

Obama is using our public school system to recruit for his Alinsky-inspired private army. Organizing for America is (and I quote) recruiting in our high schools to “build on the movement that elected President Obama by empowering students across the country to help us bring about our agenda” …………of national socialism.

The Ohio High School is Perry Local in Massillon, Ohio.

This is incredible. And evil. Suffer the little children — enlisted like SS youth. This is no accident. Obama is poisoning our public school system. He acts as if it’s his own private breeding farm. Once again academic learning  and achievement is hopelessly abandoned, and supplanted by radical leftist activism from the leftwing Alinksy inculcators in the perversepublic school system.

Children must be advised to expose this ugly propaganda. Children must tell their parents how they are being used and manipulated. Parents, warn your kids. Better yet, home school.

I am not going to be so rude as to reprint Pam’s entire piece, so definitely go over and check out the “recommended reading list” and the rest of the article.  Then talk to your children…

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  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I went to Atlas Shrugs. The program seems very involved and sort of complicated. Aren’t our school children too “dumb” to grasp this? This is outrageous. I am going to check with our local school districts to see if they have reached our area yet. I really don’t think too many kids will go for it. It will be very time consuming. Kids are into sports which require a lot of their time. They have to study hard to get into college and get scholarships if they need them or they need to work outside of their school hours. So hopefully not too many would be willing to make the sacrifice to do this. More and more citizens are waking up to Obama and his agenda and so hopefully not too many parents would want their children to take part in this. I think we need to make this known across the country to warn parents of this ludicrous situation.

  • Shades of “Village of The Damned”. This is truly something to make you recall WWll and Hitler’s “Youth Group”. Grab the young people before their ideas of what is right predominate and teach them to believe that it is right and patriotic to inform on their parents, friends and neighbors.

    This won’t work with the young people who have been taught by their parents to be aware, but with today’s frantic rush to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table most families must work two (and sometimes three) jobs just to keep hearth and home. This leaves the children at the mercy of individuals in other walks of life who have ulterior motives. We find the kool-aid drinkers in the school system as well as in the child care system so it is a never ending battle for parents to keep an eye and ear out for their children are exposed to.

    With the erasing of much of the true American History from the text books over the past several years the only place our children are going to get the true history of our country and what it stands for is in the home. As I have urged before, grab onto all the OLD history books you can find and save them because we’re fast facing a whitewash of the communistic leanings of many of our politicians today. What you find in the history books in today’s schools is no where near what the true history of our country is.

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