Glenn Beck, 1.29.2010, Egghead Hour: Historians On Progressivism

Glenn is interviewing three historians today to garner more information about the progressive movement of the early 20th century and how they are “evolving our society” through education and law. R.J. Pestritto, Burton Folsom, Jr., and Larry Schweikart. I urge you to watch the segments, and check out the books below.

Part 2:

Part 3 – Pay attention to quotes at beginning:

Part 4, Obama, Wilson, Walter Lippman, and Thomas Sowell:

Part 5, Hillary Clinton, John McCain (Modern Progressives):

Part 6, Current Progressive movement:

Part 7, Thank you to viewers and the books:

Educate Yourselves!

More History:

By Logistics Monster


  • Watching Glenn Beck today made me feel like I was back in my college history classes…. But Beck gives WAY too much homework— three books! Thanks so much for posting the authors’ names on your blog, I gotta go and put them books on my Amazon wish list (meaning I wish I could afford them….)

  • Love the little book carousels! Great books! I’ll have to get a couple, Sowell and Goldberg. Great show today! I like that difference in the concept of the nature of Man thing between progressives and what, normal people? They think humans are perfectible but the founders assumed we were flawed. Hitler thought the race could be improved by doing some rather horrible things so maybe he was a progressive.

    So it isn’t about left or right, Dem or Pub, it’s about progressive, moderate, and conservative. I’ve been calling myself a liberal for 4 decades but now, I’m just going to stick with moderate.

    • So Ron? Would you ever consider calling yourself a constitutionalist?

      Glad you like the carousels. Hopefully they won’t slow the page down too much, and I do believe in information overload.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I guess I was surprised to learn that some progressives are also republican. I had been thinking they were all dems. Thank you for the book carousel. I want to read Schwiekart’s book first. That was a great show tonight.

    I want to study the constitution. Tomorrow, Sat. there is a live webinar on it that I was invited to listen to. I am working but after Mon, the 1st, it will be in archives so people can listen to it any time. I am going to do it one day next week with a friend I met through the tea party movement. It’s about 6 hours long. It will be a crash course, but it is a beginning. I’m looking forward to it.

    OT- today I enrolled for Medicare. Do you guys know what I had to take with me? You guessed it. My birth certificate. You have to have a BC to get Medicare in this country but you can be the prez without it. What a great country this is!!

  • Now you folks know why I have been screaming and digging and writing for such along time. Putting together the socialism page was my eye opener.

  • I think what most of us struggle with is separating the Rep, Dem and Progressives, We really have 3 parties in this country , the Progressives were to work to keep the 2 mainstream parties at each others throats. This allowed them to stealthy move along their agenda.

    Now we know what is going on but what about the rest of the voters. Honestly if they are not listening to Beck and his experts they will walk around thinking there are just 2 mainstream parties.

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