Cafferty Pulls His Head Out Of His….

Nothing more vicious than an addict that gives up their favorite drug.

By Logistics Monster


  • Cafferty and Obama both rate the same on my Hit Parade – as far below zero as you can possibly get. I watched Cafferty for a short while last year but my blood pressure wouldn’t take it so the only thing I watch now is a little of Fox, and not too much of that. The guy makes my skin crawl – much the same as does Obama.

  • Cafferty has been weighing in a lot lately and not in a positive way for the Dems.

    I would love to think he has “Pulled his head out of his…” but my thought is since Beck and Dobbs have left CNN they needed a dissenting voice. They did not want the ones who would speak with reason so they got rid of them, they were making people think too much. So they settled on Cafferty, just in case the ship goes down in Nov. CNN can say they were reporting on it.

    Most likely this is about ratings but if Cafferty suddenly departs CNN it may be sincere on his part. As long as CNN employees him he is saying exactly what they want him to say, imo.

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