Day: January 29, 2010

Glenn Beck, 1.29.2010, Egghead Hour: Historians On Progressivism

Glenn is interviewing three historians today to garner more information about the progressive movement of the early 20th century and how they are "evolving our society" through education and law. R.J. Pestritto, Burton Folsom, Jr., and Larry Schweikart. I urge you to watch the segments, and check out the books below. Part 2: Part 3 - Pay attention to quotes at beginning: Part 4, Obama, Wilson, Walter Lippman, and Thomas Sowell: Part 5, Hillary Clinton, John McCain (Modern Progressives): Part 6, Current Progressive movement: Part 7, Thank you to viewers and the books: Educate Yourselves! Widgets More History:…
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Obama Plays Chess With The GOP

One would think that the community organizer-in-chief would recognize grassroots messaging when he sees it, but for this fool, he appears to believe that the GOP is astroturfing the tea party message.  And yes America, you are too stupid to understand what he is saying, so he had to do a speech in Tampa after the SOTU, and again today his face was plastered all over the TV regurgitating the same speech just one more time while he attacked the GOP again. Facts are facts, and math is math.  Every time he attacks the GOP for not cooperating, the American…
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