Tea Party Protests Obama’s High Speed Rail In Florida

Some Floridians weren’t drinking the koolaid laid out by the White House in their townhall meeting about the high speed rail project.  One 22 year old decided to explain it to them….

Obama protestors line the streets

Hope to derail bullet train plan

While thousands showed up to support the president, just a couple of blocks away hundreds came together to protest his arrival. They lined up down Kennedy Boulevard hoping their voices would be heard.

The protest was part of the Tea Party movement. They were demanding less government and a different kind of healthcare reform, and hoping to derail the state’s high-speed train. Protesters believe spending billions on rail has no place in a state facing budget cuts.

“Not the high speed, we don’t need it. I mean, how many people are actually going to ride it? I mean, you can check a lot of trains that the government is running and there is no one on there,” said Marie Brown.

It was an opinion shared by many there — more protestors arrived as the day went on.

Obama supporter Thomas Nimmo decided to argue with dozens of the protesters. Little did he know, he was fighting a losing battle.

“I just think that these people don’t really understand. They listen to one source of media and they get their talking points from that and they will be against anything that they are told to be against and I think that’s really unfortunate,” said Nimmo, 22.

I am assuming Thomas is a product of our fine education system where we are behind almost everybody else in MATH and science.

For those that are interested, go here for a  map of the rail system.

(H/T Kathy)

By Logistics Monster


  • DaddysDarlin -

    Whenever people speak the truth about Obama, his supporters say we aren’t smart enough to understand what is going on! WTF? I am a fifty two year old woman and I have more wisdom in my little finger than that snot nosed kid who dared to stick up for his president. How dare they continually insult us, from the White House, Pelosi, Reed, Geithner, etc. I am sick to death of those bastards calling my fellow Americans too stupid to know what is going on. We certainly do know whats going on, that’s why were out there protesting!!! We are smart enough to see the writing on the wall, Obama has with his accomplices nearly destroyed our country, and if we don’t put a stop to it now, he will succeed in taking down America. Obama doesnt give a damn about our country, if he did he would be doing all he can for America and it’s citizens. As it is, Obama and the democratic party are so busy giving away our money to special interests for all their contributions, they have no time to listen to the American people.
    They don’t give a damn what we think, they don’t give a damn that we know they’ve been in the back room dirty dealing, Obama said he didnt do it, the senate did. How stupid does he think we are?
    We need to impeach his ass before he completely destroys America!!!!!

  • jacalyn baglieri -

    I, too, am insulted that they consider me too stupid to understand. But then I keep reminding myself, the longer they think we are dumb the more insidious we become. I also picture them walking out of the white house with cardboard boxes and dazed expressions on their faces in 3 years. That meditation keeps me calm and better able to double down for the tea party as he did for his radical ideology Wednesday night.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    BO and Biden couldn’t couldn’t even travel together to Florida in the same plane? They were both in DC Wed night. They have to waste more tax payers money by flying separately. It is disgusting. Hey you guys, did you hear of the French Revolution where the aristocrats kind of lost their heads over their extravagance?

    Re: the link to the trials. They can’t be tried at Gitmo by the military. And that is why again?

    • ParkSlopeVoter -


      I’m sympathetic to your point of view, of course. But I believe it’s (perhaps unwritten) law that the pres and v.p. don’t fly in the same plane. Something about both being killed in case of a plane crash, or something along those lines…


  • I watched….endured..his highness the other night, and I counted 39 bold ass lies coming out of his pie hole. They don’t get it and they never will….so WHEN can we impeach his black & white ass out of OUR White House?

  • Your only stupid if you are not supporting them. I leave in the county made infamous for the”butterfly ballot in the 2000 election.

    Even though sample ballots were sent out before the election there were many dems who cried foul that the ballot confused the voters, the only voters confused where the ones who would not take the time to look the sample ballot over and know exactly how they were voting. You know those same people who do not take a look at the amendments until they are voting and hold up the line.

    The Supervisor of Elections was a Dem and that poor lady was vilified , like she had some kind of agenda. She was run out of office with a lot of help from Wexler and who he backed resigned due to some sort of scandal, can not remember all of the facts.

    So the point is if you educate yourself and know what is going on and speak out you are stupid. If you do not educate yourself and do not know what is going on than you are a victim, does that sound about right.?

    • Kathy: As I recall that Supervisor of Elections was vilified because she failed to follow the States Laws on the Recount requests. The Dems only wanted a recount done in the Democrat controlled areas of the state, and your State supreme Court went along with that which is why it ended up in the US Supreme Court, which ruled 7-2 that both the FlSC and the SoE decisions were illegal based on the Fl Laws.

      As for me, if you either cannot read English or understand the ballot process, then you have no ‘right’ (It’s really a PRIVILEGE of Citizenship) to vote. I also believe that the AP ran a recount and determined that Bush did narrowly win over Gore.

      • Actually I was referring to the County Supervisor not the State. Yes there was a lot of controversy about how the recount was handled . The County Supervisor was under attack because some people in Palm Beach County could not figure out how to read the ballot. She was a Dem and you would think she had some hidden agenda to trick people into voting for Bush.

        I guess this was more of a local issue especially after the whole state recount debacle got started.

  • Did anyone see anything about the TeaParty Convention, where Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann were slated to address? I just heard that Michele backed out, due to ethical problems with it being run by a lawyer as a profit-making operation.

    The thing I find appealing about the TeaParty movement is that it isn’t a top-down organisation, but merely separate groups using the same points in their local venues. As others have noted, the TPM isn’t about Party – it’s about Society – OUR society under the Constitution and Capitalism.

  • clemintine -

    one of the “unintended” consequences of this rail line will hit the towns between tampa and orlando very hard. florida depends on the tourist industry and those small (and large) towns along that route depend on cars full of travelers stopping off on their way to eat lunch, etc……

  • IrishAmerican -

    Notice the young man didn’t offer an opposing view, he went on the attack just like he has been used to seeing others who do not want to debate issues.

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