Rush To Barack: “Man Up”

You don’t get to impose your programs and policies on the nation and the people without our consent. This is a representative republic, not a banana republic.  Let me remind you Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky are not our founding fathers.

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Wow, I don’t very often listen to Rush, but that was GOOD!

  • Quentin Daniels -

    I’m not a Rush Limbaugh fan. I may agree with him on many issues, but his style and delivery leave me, well, put off. Rush stepped out of that zone with this message, which sounded more like his “Twas the Night Before Christmas” than any kind of political message. Perhaps this kinder, gentler tone will reach President Obama.

    Probably not.

    • Not would be correct. Bambi is being fed a steady diet of ‘you are wonderful’, and after the gifts that have been handed to him throughout his life, he thinks he can do no wrong.

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