Glenn Beck, 1.28.2010: Obama’s SOTU, Coffee Can, Goldman Sachs

Glenn explores “Logic and Math” when contrasting to Obama’s SOTU speech.  Our stupidity has prompted the pResident to explain his agenda to us again. Also, the pResident’s agenda battle is between the Progressive Caucus and the Democrats because the republicans are living in a coffee can below Glenn’s grandmother’s sink.

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You must definitely check back in because the upcoming segments (yet to be posted) will blow your mind.  There is actually some facts that I did not know.

I will also add related links for these videos with more information.

Part 2, Double our exports:

Part 3, Formally transforming the country, Chris Matthews forgetting Obama is black, the Supreme Court, and economically we are at the USS Cole point with 9/11 on the horizon:

Part 4, Glenn found Obama to be incredibly condescending toward Americans; climate change, health insurance premiums, blatant untruths (lobbyists). Also, how Obama is going to sign an executive order to go around the Supreme Court:

Lobbyists: Will Lobbyists Please Return To The White House…

Part 5, the bankers, The Fed, Goldman Sachs, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke. I actually thought Glenn was making a mistake when he appeared to be defending GS. Make sure to watch the following segments:

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Brooksley Born Takes On The Big Boys And We All Lose

Part 6, The solution, and the people behind the solution – duct tape anyone?

Part 7, The Blue Ribbon panel – are you ready? – Don’t forget about Fannie and Freddie:

Matt Tiabbi’s piece in Rolling Stone about Goldman Sachs: Inside The Great American Bubble Machine

Tea Party Patriots Vs. The Master Class

Part 8, Fannie & Freddie:

By Logistics Monster


  • Also I really do not know what Matthews was implying that he forgot O was black, was that suppose to mean something. Could it be taken as a racist comment, why would it matter what color he is?

    • I would say it’s racist because he actually noticed the color of his skin. We don’t care, we only look at the record and the content of his character.

      That is why you don’t quite understand whether it is or not. I actually had to think about it myself.

  • He is not listening to the majority. It is time to impeach. Who is with me?

  • jacalyn baglieri -

    I agree Kathy. Matthews comment is weird. I never realized , until he said it, that I had no thoughts about “color” at all while watching the speech. What does that mean? That I’m not racist…or maybe Mr. Matthews thinks I’m dumb? I guess I must be dumb. After all Chris Matthews can’t be racist, can he?

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    So Obama insulted the Supremes, the dirty rat. They should be really, really mad. Maybe enough to finally be willing to hear one of the eligibility cases against BO and then actually rule against him so we can get rid of him once and for all? Wishful thinking.

    After watching so many clips last night and today of his speech he looks SO very mentally ill to me. It is really scary to think he is our pResident. We seriously do need to get him out of there pronto! Is it just me or did his lips look even more purple than they usually do?

    Nathan, I am with you but I don’t think he can be impeached because he isn’t legitimate. He’ll have to be taken out in handcuffs for being a fraud. Darn.

    • Nancy I thought the same thing about the Supreme Court not being willing to hear any of the eligibility cases. Did they actually think he did not have a bus to throw them under.

      As an American I should be insulted that the highest court in the land had been treated with such disrespect but that is exactly how that same Court treated the Americans who were trying to get this case heard. Ah Karma it is a beautiful thing to see in action.

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