Frank Luntz’s Focus Group Reaction To Obama’s SOTU

…harsh, cold, and some koolaid drinkers.

By Logistics Monster


  • That comment he made about the SC was harsh, rude, untrue, and intimidating. Completely uncalled for. Glad to see Alito shaking his head and mouthing “not true.”

  • “Continue down the path of ear mark reform”, would that be the yellow-brick road, are you kidding me that is a one way street and there has been no reform involved.

    Before he calls for ear mark requests to be on line he should make sure all bribes for votes be placed on line for all Americans to view. Maybe we as a nation can decide if the bribe is worth the cost, sort of a call in yea or nay.

    Diamond I want to thank you for posting these clips, I was unable to watch the speech as I had toilets that needed scrubbing.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Yes, DT, thanks for posting the clips. I, too, was unable to watch. Even if I had been able to force myself to do it I couldn’t since I am so badly underemployed due to the way they have recked our economy that my DirecTV has been cut off because I couldn’t pay my bill. That bill is at the bottom of my pile of bills to be paid whenever I do have money to pay some bills. It is lowest in priority for me. So it is a tossup whether I would have watched it if I could have actually turned my TV on. I do look for the commentary of his speeches afterward. I admire greatly anyone who is actually able to stomach him.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I like that graph in front of his face. It makes him look like he is in jail, which is where he should be!

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