Meg Whitman On Neil Cavuto

Meg Whitman, former CEO of Ebay being interviewed by Neil Cavuto on ‘Your World’ about government spending and her campaign for governor of California.

Part 2:

And yes, Robert Gibbs is an idiot – he doesn’t just play one on TV.

By Logistics Monster


  • This moron is not what Calif needs. If voted in, she plans to layoff 30,000 state workers, AND start reducing EVERY state employees pay! She’s just an OBAMA kool aid drinker!

  • Ken in IL -

    1sgboom, Obama kool-aid drinkers add govt workers. Remember govt workers are overhead, they have no direct production. Converting govt workers to private co. workers increases the std of living. Obama is lowering the std of living. What do more military, more police, a private army, more TSA workers benefit the std of living??? All Obama’s pgms have contributed to a lower std of living – Cash for clunkers/appliances, Cap& trade, manditory health care (raising perscriptions, removing tort reform). If you want a lower std of living with lots of personal restrictions, I would suggest moving to China.

  • California Patriot -

    Ken in IL, there are many friends and family of mine who work for the state of CA. They are very productive people with jobs that help run our state; I’d hate to see them loose their jobs, homes, pensions and everything else because whitman wants to get rid of them.

    By the way, she helped drive Ebay into the ground; I know, I was an Ebay seller for many years until they lost all credibility with me when she decided that corporate profit was more important than her sellers. She’s a shark.

  • Molly from California -

    Have you ever tried to call a State agency here in California? Have you ever gone to the DMV? State agencies and State workers generally do not go out of their way to please a customer like the private sector does–because there is no competition–State sevices are monopolies! Go private sector–go Meg!!!

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