AYFKM? We Are Paying Alan Grayson For This?

AYFKM?  Our tax payer money for this?  Florida; can you do something about this?  Focus on healthcare, deficits, over-blown government spending?  Nope – Haiti, Pat Robertson, and republicans’ ‘pact with the devil’.

Just for contrast, a breath of fresh air, and because I know my readers enjoy this gentleman’s speaking style as much as I do; Daniel Hannan. Can we draft this fellow?

By Logistics Monster


  • As a Floridian I am extremely sorry that I will not have the pleasure of helping to vote this moron out.

    The purpose of that statement, imo, was to first get his ugly mug on tape speaking in the manner that he knows will you tube him on the blogs. He is second to O in need of attention.

    The second reason is of course to belittle Christians , whether you agree with Robertson or not, he is not speaking for all Christians he is speaking for himself based on what he has read. It is very necessary for the Progressives to devalue Christianity in this country. As long as the majority of Americans claim they are Christians than there will be a backlash on the moral front to what the Progressives are doing.

    I have been around long enough to know that too many who claim to be Christians are not , only in word not in deed , but those who are true practicing Christians are a threat to their agenda and must be marginalized at ever opportunity.

    Please do not misunderstand anything I am saying I am not pushing any belief system on anyone but you just have to open your eyes and see which one is under constant attack and belittlement to see which one they are afraid of. Oddly they do not fear those who chop off heads.

  • Ken in IL -

    No wonder congress cant get anything passed with idiots like Grayson wasting time expressing stupid political opinions. He should try that speech at is town halls.

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