First Paulson, Now Geithner

Remember Paulson predicting an economic crash of biblical proportions if the government did not bail out the banks?  TurboTax Timmie is warning that the markets aren’t going to like a Bernanke rejection by the Senate. I know you are sick to death of being threatened by government officials, and it is only adding to the anger and frustration in the country.  Tim seems to think you are mad because of the “damage this crisis caused”.  I would wager you are more upset with how the crisis has been handled since Paulson went to Bush’s WH with 3 pages and threats.

If you haven’t taken the time to read Karl Denninger’s take on warnings leveled by Robert Gibbs on FoxNews Sunday, you absolutely must see the info he has about ‘financial terrorism’.

And now, TurboTax Timmie laying the groundwork. (As if Obama’s new bank tax wasn’t hard enough on the markets last week.)

Timothy Geithner warns of Ben Bernanke fallout

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner warned that the financial markets would view a Senate rejection of Ben Bernanke’s renomination as “very troubling” but said he’s sure the embattled Federal Reserve chairman will prevail.

“We’re very confident that the chairman will be reconfirmed by the Senate, and we think it’s very important he be reconfirmed by the Senate,” Geithner said Friday in an interview at the Treasury for POLITICO’s new video series, “Inside Obama’s Washington,” debuting Monday.

“He’s done a remarkable job of helping steer this economy out of the great recession. And I think he’ll play a very important role in helping in the success of our efforts to try to make sure we are bringing this economy back to durable growth.”

Asked about possible market reaction to a defeat, Geithner said: “I think the markets would view that as a very troubling thing to the economy as a whole. But, as I said, I don’t think they should be uncertain. I think they should be confident because we are very confident he will be reconfirmed.”

Bernanke is having such a rough time, Geithner suggested, because the country is “in a moment where people are incredibly angry and frustrated by the damage this crisis caused.”

By Logistics Monster


  • Hey Timmy … do you mean like when the pResident rails against banks and proposes taking their bonuses and the market drops 500 points in three days? Is that the kind of “crash” you’re talking about, Tax Boy? Ass…

  • yourmomscalling -


  • I would take financial advice from my dog before I would take it from Turbo Timmy. G. Bush and congress swallowed that “emergency BS” that Paulson fed them and look where it got them. These guys are all from the same rotten barrell and I hope he is not reconfirmed.

    • He’s going to get reconfirmed, just watch. Lee – did you go over and see the Financial Terroism piece at Market Ticker? What a mind blower.

      • Diamond, I haven’t been to Market ticker yet because I’m still sick and can barely focus on the type. I will catch it when I feel better, doc says in a few days hopefully.

        • Diamond, thanks for the info. These guys are unbelievable. Are we supposed to swallow this now, when we already have the bones from the last farce sticking in our throats?

          Timmy is now advertising his punches. This guy is so stupid that he actually thinks we will be taken in by their crooked tricks.

          BTW, speaking of the last little scam perpetrated by the Fed Reserve, what happened to the (was it 9 billion?) that disappeared along about that time? I am behind in everything but hope to catch up soon.

          This is a case not of taking advantage of a good crisis, but one of creating the crisis. Turbo Timmy and Bernanke are past masters of this type of deceit.

  • There has come the time where people will not longer believe “The Sky is Falling”, they have woken so many up that the scare tactics no longer have the same impact.

    Will Bernanke be confirmed , most likely but that will not be because Americans believe it is the only way. Too many of us know that the markets are being manipulated so they can make the market do what they want in order to achieve what they want. They may get what they are after but not because the public is behind them, and they will see the results of that in Novemeber.

  • California Patriot -

    I watched. I’m sick and tired of these animals! Thank God that so many of us can see right through them. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

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