Day: January 24, 2010

First Paulson, Now Geithner

Remember Paulson predicting an economic crash of biblical proportions if the government did not bail out the banks?  TurboTax Timmie is warning that the markets aren't going to like a Bernanke rejection by the Senate. I know you are sick to death of being threatened by government officials, and it is only adding to the anger and frustration in the country.  Tim seems to think you are mad because of the "damage this crisis caused".  I would wager you are more upset with how the crisis has been handled since Paulson went to Bush's WH with 3 pages and threats.…
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Market Ticker’s Take On Bernanke

This is definitely one of those don't miss posts from Market Ticker with all the bells and whistles.  Karl puts the puzzle pieces together; 'actions speak louder than words'.  Make sure to go over and read the entire article; it is eye-opening. Financial Terrorism? You Decide Remember this?  $125 billion of "slosh", or excess liquidity, drained from the system in the four days from 9/19 - 9/24/2008. To put this in perspective that was a drain of sixty-five percent of the total excess liquidity in the system - a "starvation diet" if you will - and that withdrawal was an intentional act! The…
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How Healthy Is The Housing Market? (UPDATED)

I have a few questions for you.  How many of you believe that the housing market is recovering, stable, and has a floor underneath it? After reading the following article, what do you think is about to happen, and does it have anything to do with the pipeline from The Treasury to Fannie and Freddie? Stakes are high as government plans exit from mortgage markets For more than a year, the government pulled out the stops to revive home buying by driving down mortgage rates. Now, whether the housing market is ready or not, the government is pulling out. The…
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Obama’s American Socialism Revisited

It has come to my attention that because numerous patriots have joined us over the course of 2009, many have not been exposed to a series of articles that were posted back in 2008 about Obama's history and socialist agenda. Glenn Beck has done a great job exposing the Alinsky disciples in the current administration, but massive amounts of information about Barack's past still have not hit the MSM. Here is an excerpt from the first article posted 10.19.2008.  For those readers that have slogged through this page, move along, but for those that really want to understand the who…
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