FOX To Air Special On Obama’s First Year

Obama in his own words…set your DVRs.

Fox News to air special feature on Obama presidency

Fox News will air a special segment titled “President Obama: In His Own Words” this weekend in which the network analyzes the first year of Obama’s presidency.

The feature will air clips of Obama speaking both on the campaign trail and as president and will be anchored by Brett Baier, who helms the network’s night “Special Report” program. Fox News will broadcast the special at 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

By Logistics Monster


    • I am guessing that the lies and misdirection besides the freakin’ apology tour are going to be front and center.

      What most people do not realize is that Fox is following the American Public. We have been screaming about this asshat for almost 2 years now. Fox has been hammering him for about 8 months. Who is really leading the charge? Team O wants everybody to believe that the GOP started it – they didn’t – and if they don’t catch up to the rest of us – they are going to be left in the dust just like the dems.

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