Obama Reacting As Expected; Going To The Left

Yes, we are all paranoid sheep who have been scared to death by TV ads, and Massachusetts didn’t mean anything. He is doing what we knew he would; suffer a defeat – run out on the campaign trail.

If 7 presidents and 7 congresses haven’t been able to achieve universal healthcare, maybe the rational thing to do is something else that Americans actually approve of? The definition of insanity….

By Logistics Monster


  • Can’t stand to listen to the arrogant, condescending bastard who thinks we’re all idiots. Let’s hope he never learns. No second term.

        • What Ron? Don’t you want him to create economic prosperity, universal healthcare, yada, yada, yada, all my his lonesome? (sorry – not feeling well today and a bit snarky.)

          I detest the fact that there will be no changing Obama’s mind about any of his social justice platform. Socialism meets Capitalism. Why do we have to watch the impending car crash, train wreck, ship sinking, of 76% of americans who are capitalists that ain’t going to allow him to take anymore of their wealth.

  • I ventured to listen to the first clip (because it was short). I rarely listen to Obama because, well, frankly it’s just annoying and boring, and I never know what the hell he’s trying to say.

    Nothing’s changed.

    • I don’t watch him either – but some people still need to open their minds to this asshat….so I put the vid up.

      BTW – welcome Back GG – been missing you but I know you are just as busy as the rest of us. Hope all is well.

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