Glenn Beck Debuts “Live Free Or Die”, 1.22.2010

Hold onto your hats folks, and wrap your heads in duct tape – here we go. (Refresh to see new segments as they are added.) Everyone give TheRightScoop some love for continuing to put up Glenn’s shows in their entirety each and every day. Also, for those that want to see the show unsegmented, go here after 7pm est.

Glenn has bios of the interviewees on his site, here.

Part 2, Hitler, Marx and Stalin:

Part 3, Ukraine Murder by Starvation:

Part 4, Che – Cold blooded killer:

Part 5, the reality of personal tragedy. How would you like to see your missing family member executed on TV?:

Part 6, Chairman Mao:

Part 7, Show close:

By Logistics Monster


  • That hour flew by and bears watching again. Lots of good information in that documentary. Some of my relatives left the Ukraine in the late 19th century due to pogroms. Nothing like confiscation of property to get you moving.

    • I was wondering how Beck was going to pack history like this into an hour – but I guess it is just the beginning. Hopefully more Americans will wake up and know what we know already.

      My family too, Ron, left Romania because of the threat of Communism. Maybe that’s why we have been paying attention, yes?

      • Yes, it helps to know your family history. Mary Ann has a friend from Romania who was just back there last summer. We hear stories so we’re that much more tuned in.

        The problem we have is the Wizard of Oz syndrome. Dorothy goes through all those trials and tribulations in her effort to return home only to find out all she had to do was click her heels together 3 times and say there’s no place like home. Why couldn’t she have been told this to begin with?

        GLENDA: “You wouldn’t have believed me. You had to learn it for yourself.”

  • clemintine -

    it was a very powerful film and should be required in high school history courses. the only way to impact the youth of this nation is to take back our educational centers from liberals that are rewriting history.
    did you know that many (possibly most or all) of the history texts used in schools have omitted the preamble to the bill of rights????
    there is a town in texas that is revising the social studies curriculum. i am sure this has to happen, as there is just so much time each school year. they have decided to omit paul revere and insert oprah…….

  • The documentary was very well done. It covered the highlights of the leftist movements and how they all connect so well over generations and today we find ourselves dealing with the same issues. The one thing that is of advantage to us all is the age of information. What you’re doing here, and what we are doing online, spreading the word about atrocities and the trampling of human rights is something that would not have taken place at all. Of course those who want to take over our lives under any given name, communist, progressive or what have you; cannot completely hide because we’re all paying attention. We read. If some didn’t last year they do today. Those who were always too shy to challenge anything are the first ones to march on and make themselves heard.

    One hour’s worth of history recaps is not a bad start in re-educating Americans since that’s Glenn’s objective; to reclaim our national heritage and teach what the schools stopped teaching long ago. It’s like waking up in a new century after being frozen in time.

  • David Herrera -

    This is outstanding and brilliant journalism awakening every American from the HORRORS of Revolutionaries who want sheer power to “CHANGE SOCIETY” in their own image, by integrating lessons the lessons of history from the last century. Stalin Hitler, Che, Castro, and all their cohorts massacred over 100 million people. Young people today are ignorant of history because it is not taught to them in the classroom. Revolutionaries got away with starviing millions in Russia because there was no significant resistance. The weak and unarmed who were useless to the Stalinist government were manipulated into starvation. Hitler and his destruction of the Jews was part of his agenda to build a large German empire in Europe; people like gypsies, the handicapped, the insane, blacks, Jews, etc were considered inferior to Germans. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro fought American Imperialism and a former corrupt American-serving government of Cuba. However, he executed most of the government officals and military officers without trials. Castro allied with Nikita Krushev in the late 50’s and in 1962 Russioan missiles were discovered positioned in Cuba ready to be launched into the US. If they carried nuclear warleads made in Russia, and launched, the US may have been no more. John F, Kennedy ordered a blockade of Russian ships to Cuba and forced Fidel Castro to remove the missiles. Krushev embarrassingly backed down and the missiles were removed.
    Mao caused the starvation of over 100 million people, how can he be anyone’ hero, except to some in the OBAMA administration. Radicals like Obama were swindled and suckered in by his eloquent speeches and talks of “change”. That change is socialism and Obama has people who idolize Communists and Mao supporters. The liberal press has made Obama a hero and a loveable guy who will save the suckers who voted for him. Bush haters all voted for the half-black president, who Harry Reid says, was light-skinned and had no Negro dialect. It’s amazing how many YOUNG people in this country are stupid air heads about our history; these lame brains all voted for Obama. Young people are the dummies for whom these tapes were made for. They have no clue about the Constitution nor about the cost of freedom – about fighting men in uniform who gave their lives so that these young idiots are free.
    Liberals who were young in the 1960’s are totally lost. They consist of people like Bill and Hillary Clinton, dope addicts, potheads, anti-war sickos, hippies, Yuppies, and anti-capitalists. These people had no clue about freedom, family values, protecting our nation, working for a living, and contributing to prosperity. Most of these were lazy and a bunch of freeloaders like the ones that come from San Francisco, CA.
    WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA, BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! CLEAN HOUSE IN CONGRESS – BOOT ALL THE CORRUPT DEMOCRATS AND SUPPORT CONSERVATISM – THEN Americans will have jobs, prosperity, freedom, security, less government, MORALITY, and family values.

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