Day: January 21, 2010

Obama’s Bank Limits; Capitalists Are Already Working The Problem

I am absolutely sick to death of an administration and a government that actually thinks that they can fix the problems they created.  The insanity of allowing the District of Criminals to continue proposing legislation that will create even bigger problems than we have now is making my per day Advil intake increase.  At what point are we going to be able to chop the federal government down to size? Obama and crew are now proposing limits on the big banks, and before you get ready to throw something at me because I'm not jumping on the "Kill Wall Street"…
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Glenn Beck, 1.21.2010; Obama The Parent & The Debt Ceiling

Is the President out of touch? Should we be watching the other hand? Does history matter? According to Barry, he hasn't gotten his message across and Brown's win in Massachusetts is because of anger about George Bush. Part 2, Keith Ablow: Part 3, Other news stories and the Debt Ceiling - why not buy 422 air craft carriers?: Part 4, The Revolutionary Holocaust - Live Free...Or Die: Part 5, Progressives, Liberal Fascism and Jonah Goldberg: (Author's Note: For those that don't know - Hitler was a leftist.)
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Glenn Beck: The Revolutionary Holocaust – Live Free Or Die

UPDATE: Go here to see the actual documentary. For those Americans that are not history buffs, you must watch this program on Friday, either live, or on this site and others that will carry the program.  I will include links tomorrow. Many, many Americans have been taught a "spun" version of events in our history and world history.  Many truths have been left out.  If you don't believe me, pick up this book: "Lies My Teacher Told Me" by James W. Loewen.
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