John Boehner: Political Rebellion Going On In America

Yep, but the Bambi, Nancy & Harry show still isn’t listening.

By Logistics Monster


  • I agree, it’s a win for the American people. Thank goodness for the Indies and also the Dems who have had enough.

    Two important articles I found (please forgive if already posted, I’m sick and don’t know what else has been posted here today):

    American Thinker: The Coming Democrat Counteroffensive

    American Thinker Blog: Brown strategist: national security the sleeper issue of the campaign (updated)

    • Ron,

      I fully agree and no, no one has left these links yet. I have a vid coming for you and the rest of the readers. You will understand it.

  • At some point during this past year a tipping point has been reached. While it is reassuring what we see on the national and state level, it is more so on the local level.

    All politics is local and what I have been seeing locally has made me realize that this is just not on the political front. Our local school board, which is one of the largest in the country, has had to reverse itself this year. There had been a fight between the board, teachers and parents over a new method of teaching and the main sticking point was the frequent testing involved. School board meetings had been very heated . In the beginning there was little change and the board stuck to their guns, well as with the Tea Parties and the Town Halls, the more they were ignored the more showed up the next time. The board did a complete about face in the middle of a school year, reassigned the genius they hired to make all these changes , who by the way had been booted out of another school district because of these same policies. Either he was not vetted ( seems to be in vogue this year) or the board just did not care.

    People are exercising their freedom of speech, not accepting the standard answer and in general will not longer go along with the pat on the head being told move along nothing to see here.

    I now believe that will continue to be part ot the fabric of our society , just find a cause you want to change and change it.

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