Day: January 20, 2010

AYFKM? Obama: Limit Banks; Congress: Raise Debt Ceiling By Almost $2 TRILLION

Ah, the never-ending lunacy of the District of Criminals.  If the true purpose of Congress and the White House was to wake up every single American in order to vote out every incumbent not following the Constitution, they are going to get their wish with their continued fiscal insanity which threatens the very stability of the nation.  Weimar Republic or Zimbabwe anyone? The Dems want to raise the nation's credit card limit to some $14.294  Trillion while Barry wants to limit what the banks are doing.  There has to be a piece of the pie in there somewhere for the…
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Mort Zuckerman: Obama Has Done Everything Wrong (VIDEO)

You know it's bad when a liberal bazillionaire like Mort Zuckerman has turned on you. What surprised me the most was his statement of fact that the Democrats were behind the housing crisis.  I did not think I would ever hear that out of the mouth of someone who supported Obama, and someone so connected to the web (check out his bio at the bottom). What about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that got there with the support of the Democrats in congress. That's what kicked off the great housing bubble; that's what started this whole thing rolling down the…
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