Hell Has Almost Frozen Over; Chris Matthews: “I’m Worried”

Hell will definitely have frozen over if a republican takes Abercrombie’s place in the House in February’s special election in Hawaii.  The difference here is the majority of the population thinks someone owes them something, and the Dems foster that delusion.

Until then, we have Chris Matthews stating that he is worried about this government, and Rachel Maddow downing the koolaid by the bucket.

By Logistics Monster


  • Ken in IL -

    It sounded a little like Matthews was moving toward the center – like he has seen the writing on the wall. I don’t think KO will be able to do that after his rant.

      • Ken in IL -

        Another thought I had about KO is that someone with a lot of money is writing his materiel, like the network owner. Otherwise if KO is writing his own stuff he needs to go to a smaller market – like his own radio show in Oakland, CA.

  • DaddysDarlin -

    Washington should be worried, this is just the first in a long line of elections to come! Washington had better be listening, because we are taking our country back one election at a time. We want people who listen to represent us, not those who think they know what is best for me and my family.
    We will no longer tolerate the president, senate or congress turning a deaf ear to those who put them where they are today. We the people, together will make a difference. We don’t need our representatives accepting money from the big pharmaceutical companies, so big favors are done for them in this so-called health care bill. Is this the reform we were looking for? HELL NO!!!
    True reform would require getting rid of nearly each and every person we have hired to represent us. That is what we are planning to do, one representative at a time, congress, senate, president, it doesnt matter they all need to go, one at a time.
    The good people of Mass. have spoken, and they have said what the rest of America is dying to say when the election comes our way!!!
    Congratulations to Mr. Brown, now take it to them and get rid of this monster of a health care bill. We don’t want it, but the rest of Washington seems to have earplugs in.

  • Since it seems everything in DC is about the money I hope the one lesson they get from all of this is, if you are the person the people want the money will be raised for you. You know that is probably one of the issues they are Monday morning quarterbacking about. They never saw that one coming, especially in this economy. Soros may have billions but their are millions of the little folk who will send in a few bucks and really show support for their choice.

    Americans will sacrifice for their Country, that is a concept foreign to most who supposedly serve in DC. They can make all the excuses about their loss, although they really have to stop with the “It’s Bushes fault”. I turned to MSNBC last night , just to hear their spin. Maddow was talking to Dean and he said that it is not anyone fault , except maybe Bush, are they kidding, by the way he looked liked something the cat had dragged in. They never thought it could happen. I believe Hoyer also made some reference to Bush.

    This is just the beginning and if Massachusetts can get it right than we can move on with confidence that momentum is on our side.

    We all won last night, at least in the moral victory of sending the message they can not ignore. Interestingly they could not see 2 million in DC but one man from Ma has gotten in their face.

  • I’m under the weather but just wanted to say – Hooray for us. I’m not in MA but I couldn’t be happier about this election.

    I’ll be back, Diamond, to read up on everything and comment but in the meantime keep up the good work. It is so appreciated.

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