Frank Luntz’s Focus Group On Brown-Coakley Race (VIDEO)

Frank Luntz’s focus group of Massachusetts voters during the vote count of the historic Scott Brown win.

By Logistics Monster


  • Evidently, he had a hard time finding ACTUAL residents of Massachusetts as well. This took place in Boston??? Hardly a single person in the focus group had even the slightest New England accent (except for a woman in the back who disagreed with Luntz and the rest of the crowd). The jig was up when an overzealous kid blurted out, “I just lost my health insurance!” which, of course, is impossible in the state of Massachusetts that already has socialized health care thanks to Mitt Romney. Yet another sham perpetrated by Luntz and Hannity. No surprise, they’ve been ruining our credibility for years!

  • Boy they could hardly spit out the obviously coached diatribe. You don’t have to be that hot blonde body language chick on O’Reilley to see that! Fake news, fake B-Roll, fake focus groups…it’s sad that there are still people who don’t see they are being manipulated by this station.

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