Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer believes that the senate health care bill is better than nothing, and even if Scott Brown takes Dead Kennedy’s seat away from the democrats, the progressives will be able to pass a bill before he is certified.

What part of ‘We Do Not Want Government Healthcare’ are they not understanding?  What part of “We Want Healthcare Reform; Start Over!” are they not getting?  Rest assured America, they hear us and are totally ignoring our voices.

The progressives want to put America on a very tight leash by controlling every aspect of our behavior through health care, and they wonder why Scott Brown is kicking Martha Coakley’s tush?  Steny Hoyer’s comments are symptomatic of the dems’ thought processes.

Hoyer: Passing Senate healthcare bill ‘clearly better than nothing’

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Tuesday said passing the Senate healthcare bill would be “clearly better than nothing.”

This statement only makes sense when one looks at the true motivations of the Progressive Socialist Democratic Party.  It has never been about health care; it’s always been about telling us what is good for us because we are just open-mouthed breathing idiots.   America, are you offended and insulted by what the Progressives (both dem and pub) have been doing?  They are not going to stop because they, ‘as our parents’, know better than we do.

Hoyer dodged questions about how Democrats would go forward without a 60th vote in the Senate, saying he did not want to “anticipate or speculate or hypothesize” on the outcome of the Massachusetts race. But he admitted that rushing a finished product through both chambers before Brown could be sworn in was a possibility. (emphasis mine)

Asked if it was “feasible” to pass a healthcare bill in next 15 days, prior to the Massachusetts election certification, Hoyer said, “Yes.”

If Coakley pulls this out, I cannot wait to see how many dead people voted for Martha, and whether or not the Black Panthers were outside polling centers with nightsticks ‘ala Pennsylvania, November 2008.

The Dems are not going to stop to even think about what their actions are doing to the country, and I for one, am thankful that they are so rabidly turning a blind eye to the opposition.  The race to flip the country to a European Socialist State is going to reverberate for decades, and the Democratic Party may not survive their assault on Americans and the Constitution.

Florida Congressman Alan Grayson telling YOU how it’s going to be:

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