Obama And Post-Racial America (New Poll)

I wonder how Chris Matthew’s of Obama’s America is going to react to this new Washington Post-ABC poll.

U.S. poll: fewer see Obama advancing racial ties

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Fewer Americans believe the presidency of Barack Obama, the first African American elected to the White House, has helped advance race relations compared with a year ago, a Washington Post-ABC News poll suggests.

Imagine that; considering the race card is pulled and thrown shuriken style every time the left does not like something or someone.

The poll, published on the U.S. holiday commemorating civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., found 41 percent now say Obama’s presidency has helped race relations, compared with 58 percent on the eve of Obama’s inauguration a year ago who said his presidency would help race relations.

The decline was the sharpest among African Americans, with 51 percent now saying Obama has helped advance race relations, compared with 75 percent who, last January, said they expected Obama’s presidency to help.

A bit more than a little buyer’s remorse? I wonder what Peggy Joseph thinks now?

By Logistics Monster


  • California Patriot -

    This is 1sgboom.
    So how can anyone in their right mind believe that “Alibama” has improved race relations, when HE and his “brown booters” are the ones playing the race card. And have they forgotten that he is half white? You see, the majority of us are not racist, we hate his white half too. I bet right now that M.L.K. jr is rolling over in his grave at the thought of what Barry is doing.

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