Scott Brown: The People’s Rally Today

(I am currently searching for video of this rally.)

Brown hosting ‘people’s rally’ to counter Obama’s Massachusetts trip for Coakley

Republican Scott Brown is assembling his own posse of household names to counter the Democratic star power shinning on Massachusetts.

Red Sox “legend” Curt Schilling, Boston College football great Doug Flutie and “Cheers” regular John Ratzenberger are set to appear with Brown this afternoon at Mechanics Hall in Worcester. At the same time in Boston, President Obama will campaign for Martha Coakley at a rally on the campus of Northeastern University.

With the election only two days away, some observers are wondering if Coakley’s appearance with Obama at the Cabot Center could backfire. Coakley is getting the reputation of a lackadaisical campaigner. She had no public appearances the day after the final candidates debate on Jan. 11. And this week, she seemed to disparage the idea of campaigning at the Winter Classic – an annual Boston Bruins game played outdoors at Fenway Park. Noting that her voice was “not hoarse,” a Boston Globe reporter asked her if she was being “too passive.”

“As opposed to standing outside Fenway Park? In the cold? Shaking hands?’’ Coakley shot back, in an apparent reference to a Web video of Brown doing just that.

“Martha’s going down, go Scott Brown”

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  1. This is so funny to me. The democratic party of MA has been putting out a pamphlet against Scott Brown saying “what can Brown do for you?” UPS is furious at them for stealing their famous slogan and demanding that they stop distributing the pamphlets. They didn’t even get permission to use it! The audacity of them!

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