Day: January 17, 2010

John Stossel Speaking To Americans For Prosperity

John Stossel speaking to Americans For Prosperity on how he started out as an advocate for the 'other side', and how he was ashamed that it took him so long to understand what we already know. Liberal to Libertarian. Part 2, The Free Market and Competition: Part 3, Rule Of Law and % of the economy the Government should be ( now 40%).  Make sure you watch this segment all the way through.
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Scott Brown: The People’s Rally Today

(I am currently searching for video of this rally.) Brown hosting 'people's rally' to counter Obama's Massachusetts trip for Coakley Republican Scott Brown is assembling his own posse of household names to counter the Democratic star power shinning on Massachusetts. Red Sox “legend” Curt Schilling, Boston College football great Doug Flutie and “Cheers” regular John Ratzenberger are set to appear with Brown this afternoon at Mechanics Hall in Worcester. At the same time in Boston, President Obama will campaign for Martha Coakley at a rally on the campus of Northeastern University. With the election only two days away, some observers…
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Senate Healthcare Bill, ‘The Nudge Factor’?

In a bill well over 2,000 pages, some of the insanity slips through the cracks. The Senate's version of healthcare would allow insurance companies to set lifetime limits for benefits on existing policies while prohibiting those limits on new plans.  Is this another "nudge" to get the American people to give up their current healthcare plans and go with the government exchange? Lawmakers protest healthcare bill’s caps on benefits over policyholder's lifetime A cadre of Democratic lawmakers and patient groups is urging congressional Democratic leaders to abandon plans to permit health insurance companies to set lifetime limits on their customers’…
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AYFKM? Obama’s Biggest Cheerleader Still At It

CNN may have a problem with my opinion of MSNBC being the biggest cheerleader for Obama, but when I saw a trailer for an upcoming special entitled "Obama's America: 2010 & Beyond",  I had to give the trophy to MSNBC. I bet most of you are going to have the same reaction as I did to this: Obama's America: 2010 And Beyond? AYFKM? It's pretty evident what's wrong with that title, and Chris Matthews' devotion to Obama is just plain disturbing. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy One year after the inauguration of the…
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