Ed Schultz, Typical Liberal Moonbat, “I’d Cheat”

“I’d cheat to keep these bastards out.”

Considering everything we saw during the primaries with Bambi and Hillary, nobody here better be surprised to hear this.  I heard it from my own family members that it did not matter what their candidate or his supporters did as long as he won.

By Logistics Monster


  • “I’d cheat to keep the bastards out.” Of course he would that is exactly how we got the current bastards.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    You are so right, Kathy. How did we get such criminals in our elected offices and reporting on them? None of them have any morals. My parents were lifelong democrats but would never recognize the democratic party if they were alive today.

  • Nancy my parents were lifelong republicans and they would not recognize the republican party if they were alive today.

    Your are right as to morals, anyone in either party who have any morals could not be a part of what is happen in our government today.

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