White House Works Late To Make Deals With Unions Over Healthcare

The world seems to be on fire this morning with all the events that are occurring from the outbreak of violence in Haiti, the Pentagon’s report on Ft. Hood, the Brown-Coakley race in Massachusetts for Dead Kennedy’s seat, but the White House working past 1am in the morning in order to make special deals with the top unions has to take top priority.  Barack Obama and his cronies have so debased the office of the President with the continued prostitution over healthcare, that I think President Andy Stern should be giving the upcoming State of the Union address, don’t you?

Obama works late on health care — final deal seems close

A late night for President Obama and Democratic congressional leaders.

The president, top aides and a dozen key Democrats — six from the Senate, six from the House — met in the Cabinet Room until 1:25 this morning, according to a White House read-out; the meeting began around 9:15 last night.

Unions will dodge O’s health tax

Big Labor got some big love from President Obama and congressional Democrats yesterday after they agreed to exempt union workers from the whopping “Cadillac tax” on high-cost health-care plans until 2018.

The sweetheart deal, hammered out behind closed doors, will save union employees at least $60 billion over the years involved, while others won’t be as lucky — they’ll have to cough up almost $90 billion.

The 40 percent excise tax on what have come to be called “Cadillac” health-care plans would exempt collective-bargaining contracts covering government employees and other union members until Jan. 1, 2018.

Yes indeed, let’s continue to let future generations pay for our party.

Powerful unions were well-represented around the bargaining table.

Participants included AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and Andy Stern, head of Service Employees International Union; Anna Burger, head of Change to Win; and the leaders of unions representing teachers, government workers, food and commercial workers, and electricians.

Stern has been among the most frequent visitors to the White House over the last year, showing up more than 20 times, according to logs.

Originally, the Cadillac tax included in the Senate bill was estimated to raise $149 billion through 2019.

But Trumka said the exemption would reduce that amount by $60 billion — money that negotiators will now have to find elsewhere, or reduce the coverage in the legislation. (emphasis mine)

What is it going to take for the Republicans to realize that desperate situations call for drastic measures.  This bill is un-Constitutional, closed door deals are being made, Americans’ wealth is being redistributed, and this administration is acting like a Banana Republic.  Are the Republicans going to wait until Obama or Stern declare themselves dictator to do something outrageous?

By Logistics Monster


  • california patriot -

    I’m curious about this cadillac tax. Only the folks who are union workers won’t get taxed, so do people who were part of a union and are retired and have cadillac insurance get taxed? I wonder if we can get as better break down on all of this somewhere?

    Just wait until people find out how their going to be affected by all of this; the sh_t will hit the fan.

  • This is disgusting! If the Health Care Bill was a good one for all of the American people, it would stand on it’s own without all of this behind-close-doors deal making for a select few. Geessshhhh!

    • Are we going to have to have something like affirmative action for health care taxes for all those Americans that aren’t union workers? Isn’t this completely discriminatory and Anti-American?

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