Once Again, How Stupid Is This?

Barney Frank Not Convinced Compensation Linked To Talent; Limit Bonuses

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is moving to impose a new fee on banks to make up the deficit in the government’s $700 billion bailout program for the industry.

WHAT? How stupid is that? I swear the morons in Washington do not understand the finite concept. There is only so much money in the world (unless you are the Fed) and it is constantly in motion. When Obama fines the banks to recoup the money he took from us to bail them out, the banks charge us higher fees to pay us back for the money we loaned them. WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT? Is there an understanding NOW why so many were against the bailouts back in September, 2008?

By Logistics Monster


  • Ken in IL -

    We don’t need a general bank tax, but an Excess Profits tax on AIG beneficiaries. I don’t think we will ever get the AIG bailout money back from AIG, so let’s get it from the beneficiaries. They’re the ones with the money, and let the bonuses take care of themselves (low profit = low bonus?) Bonuses are chump change compared to the profits.

  • Funny that he never mentions that GE got 180 billion with no strings attached, no plan to ever have to pay it back. I guess owning NBC and pushing for Obama to win is the payback! Its time for IMPEACHMENT!

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